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5 Ground Floor Opportunities with Karatbars International

Since Karatbars inception in 2011, it has open the doors to new markets where Karatbars is the 1st to bring to the table. And in most cases, Karatbars is the only game in town! Generate Wealth in either category or any combnation of them!


1. Gold Backed CryptoCurrency

Presently, there are over 1,600 Crypto Currencies / Digital Currencies in the world. Believe it or not, the majority of them are speculative and very volatile.

However, Karatbars decided to jump on the Crypto-Currency bandwagon with their Digital Currency being backed by GOLD ! Thats right, for every coin that is produced, that much GOLD is actually deposited in a Gold Vault to back up the value of the coin! Our opinion is that Karatbars GOLD BACKED CRYPTOCURRENCY will out pace Bitcoins, which is NOT backed by anything of value!

The 1st Gold Backed CryptoCurrency is truly a Ground Floor Opportunity!


2. CryptoCurrency Bank(s)

Karatbars Gold CryptoCurrency Bank

Karatbars International has announced the opening of the cryptocurrency bank KC Bank, which fully operates under U.S. licensing in Miami.

KC Bank is the world’s first fully-licensed cryptocurrency bank. Its services are available to any Karatgold Coin holders worldwide. The bank provides a means to exchange cryptocurrencies and earn income. The bank’s management are cryptocurrency trading experts. They work on behalf of clients to leverage the value of their tokens into additional returns.

Again, Karatbars International is the first! What a Ground Floor Opportunity!


3. CryptoCurrency ATMs

  • CEM offers 3 main features:- You can withdraw your CashGold from your Karatbit account.
    – You can change your KBC in gold;  100 KBC = 1 gram of gold.
    – You can buy CashGold directly with BTC or ETH.
  •  Important: if you want to withdraw cash, you must pay production costs. 0.1g Cashgold = € 0.96 in KBC Coins- CEM are exclusively for business owners and merchants. Registration certificate is required.
    – This cashier can only pay in CashGold.
  • Interested Businesses, Merchants and Shop Owners can register as affiliates to get detailed information and reserve their units now.


4. Blockchain Smartphones & Service Plan

Imagine you decide to build an independent blockchain-based financial ecosystem, allowing everyone to use the power of blockchain technology and conducting transactions in all currencies just with a press of a button, or being able to withdraw cryptocurrency or physical gold from an ATM (CashGold Exchange Machine / CEM) by a simple scan. Imagine being able to make absolutely secure, private, and encrypted live stream voice calls with the help of the blockchain without the fear of being spied on!

The future is closer than you think. On the 30th of March 2019, the blockchain history was made at the conference in Dubai where Karatbars International GmbH released their latest product, the world’s first-ever ‘Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP)’ smartphone!


5. Blockchain Laptops

With the fast-moving technological world, there comes an underlying pressure on the enterprises to outshine from their competitors by excelling out in developments and advancements.

Blockchain technology has been welcomed by the financial world as a revolutionary mechanism which not just eases the payments network working but also ensures a user-friendly pedagogy fostering to bring the world economy a bit closer.

Recently, Germany-based firm, Karatbars has grabbed the attention of the blockchain enthusiasts after announcing its highly anticipated project, Whim k1, the world’s first blockchain-centered laptop. The user-friendly machine comes with an array of features which are bound to make it a ravishing success in the near future.

Apart from the high-tech inbuilt features, the blockchain laptop boasts of a stunning appearance too. The golden-colored metal body of the laptop will surely be an eye-catching feature for many users.



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