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#1 - 1st Gold Backed Cryptocurrencies

KBC and KCB Coins

First Gold Backed CryptoCurrencies








If you missed Bitcoins, here's your opportunity to cash in on "The Very FIRST Gold Backed CryptoCurrency"! Yes, there are other cryptocurrencies that claim to be backed by gold. However, they are only contracts. Karatbars International actually deposit GOLD into secured vaults for every coin produced. Karatbars KaratGold Coins have TRUE HARD ASSETS backing their Alt Coins! This is permanent value for the KBC and the KCB coins!


#2 - 1st Crypto Blockchain Smartphones and Service Plan

Impulse K1 Smartphone

1st Crypto Blockchain Smartphones and Service Plan

The Impulse K1 Crypto Smartphone is the first ever Smartphone to operate on VOBP (Voice Over Blockchain Protocol). Karatbars, in partnership with Sony and CryptoData, introduces the most secured and private telecommunications on the planet!

See PDF of Impulse K1 Blockchain Smartphone


#3 - 1st Crypto Blockchain Laptops

WHIM Laptop

First Blockchain Laptops





The Worlds First Fully Secure Laptop Using Voice Over Blockchain Protocol. The World's First Blockchain Laptop brings you security for everything you do!

See PDF of WHIM Blockchain Laptop


#4 - 1st Fully Licensed CryptoCurrency Bank

The Gold Standard Bank

Gold Standard Bank - Miami, Florida, USA






Karatbars & Gold Standard Bank – The Future of Banking!!! If you are looking for an easy and safe way to convert fiat currency into gold or cryptocurrency and vice versa, please use Karatbars International and KaratGold Banking System!

Gold Standard’s vision and mission is to establish the KARATCOIN BANK WORLD ecosystem catering the needs of a fully blockchain-based and cryptocurrency-oriented banking & finance system ▪ The first blockchain-based payment system centered around real assets ▪ Owns Karatbit Exchange, its own cryptocurrency exchange ▪ Develops efficient improvements for our gold mine ▪ Develops our blockchain-based KaratBank Business ▪ Price of gold (CashGold) is lower compared to our competitors ▪ Transaction fees are lower compared to our competitors ▪ Annual fees for bank accounts and credit cards is lower compared to our competitors ▪ $100 Million base capital with KaratCoin Bank ▪ Assets worth $2 Billion will be audited by a designated external auditing soon!

More details on the Gold Standard Bank


#5 - 1st CEM (CashGold Exchange Machines)

CryptoCurrency ATMs

CEMs / ATMs - CashGold Exchange Machines






Using these ATMs, customers will be able to deposit / withdraw / exchange to and from their CASHGOLD / FIAT CURRENCY / CRYPTO-CURRENCY balances in their accounts with unprescedented flexibility!

Be the first business owner in your town or city to have a 24kt GOLD dispensing machine! Karatbars affiliates will be searching for these machines and the publicity they will generate will be worth more than the cost alone!


#6 - 1st K-Merchant Accounts

FIRST CryptoCurrency Merchant Accounts

See PDF of K-Merchant

K-Merchant Accounts - Store Owners Accepts CryptoCurrencjes, Gold and Fiat Currencies for Purchases













Merchants and Online Business Owners FREE Registration


#7 - CashGold

CashGold from Karatbars International - Gold2Gold4Gold

The difference between paper currencies and CashGold is that CashGold contains a small quantity 999.9% pure 24 karat gold bullion. This means the CashGold banknote has an inherent value that is not affected by inflation or currency printing.


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