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In the production, two shaping processes are combined with each other, and the shaped brown corundum powder is mixed in a certain proportion, which not only ensures the product's tap density, but also guarantees a high yield, and can obtain better economic benefits. The structure of the roller crusher determines that its crushing ratio cannot be very large. When crushing corundum, it is generally 3 to 4. A pairing machine for corundum crushing. The diameter of the stick should be 1-2 times larger than the length. In order to ensure the strength of the equipment And rigid.

The refractory is melted or melted only by high temperature heat load in use. When it reacts with molten slag to form a fusible substance, this fluxing effect, on the one hand, causes the crystalline phase structure of the refractory material to be destroyed, and the high temperature strength is severely damaged, which accelerates the melting process; Migration causes the material to shrink, causing cracking of the material and the masonry, accelerating slag erosion and destroying the stability of the masonry.

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