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Since alumina powder can be used as a raw material for white corundum, alumina powder must be stronger than other materials, and its effect on white corundum is also very large. Therefore, we will start with the effect of alumina powder on white corundum. We all know that white corundum is white, and the white appearance of white corundum is formed by the role of alumina powder, because alumina powder is white, so as a raw material of white corundum, of course, it also brings white corundum. White appearance.

The current situation of the white corundum market can be estimated in the future. Many small businesses have white corundum dumpers with transformer power below 4200 kVA, and white corundum dump furnaces with transformer power below 3200 kVA. Reform, without transformation, will face investigation and punishment by the environmental protection department, and even stop production. The side wall of the furnace cover is welded by steel plates and lined with refractory bricks.

Nowadays, many white corundum production enterprises in some areas have disabled white corundum dumpers with transformer power below 4200 kVA and transformer power below 3200. The kilovolt-ampere white corundum dumping furnace has been transformed from a one-stop production and processing enterprise to a main processing enterprise, while a high-power white corundum production enterprise has become a professional production enterprise not doing processing, which has made the white corundum industry further. Centralization and scale.

The smoke removal method of the corundum electric furnace mainly adopts a smoke exhaust hood method. That is, a large smoke exhaust hood is arranged above the furnace body, and the smoke exhaust hood is mainly composed of a furnace cover, a chimney, a furnace cover and the like. The upper cover of the furnace is a double-layer structure welded with 6-8mm steel plates. The middle sandwich can pass cooling water and is provided with air vents to prevent the explosion accident caused by the superheated steam expansion. 

Brown corundum abrasive can be divided into three levels and five steps according to the level of alumina content. The key to the quality of brown corundum lies in the quality of the original mineral of brown corundum. Generally, the good primary minerals are mainly small spherical particles, the size is very small, the impact resistance is large, and the surface looks bright and shiny. Therefore, when we buy brown corundum, we can preliminary judge the quality of the brown corundum we buy from the characteristics of shape, color, and size.

Primary brown corundum and secondary brown corundum are the most commonly used abrasive products in industry. The classification of brown corundum mainly includes: first-grade brown corundum, second-grade brown corundum, second-grade brown corundum, second-grade brown corundum, and third-grade brown corundum, and the brown alumina content of each step is about 5% about. The appearance and application of different grades of brown corundum abrasives are also very different due to the differences in their chemical composition.

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