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Corundum abrasives can be divided into natural and artificial. High quality natural corundum is mainly produced in a few countries and regions such as India, Canada and South Africa. The most widely used and most widely used is artificial corundum abrasives. The production of artificial corundum by electrofusion method is not only high-yield and large-scale, but also chemical composition, mineral composition and crystal structure can be controlled by smelting process. Therefore, there are many kinds of corundum with different properties.

Black corundum, also known as black silicon carbide, has good hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and is very similar to brown corundum, but its scope of application is very different. Black corundum can be used for surface polishing of steel, hardware, aluminum and other components. It can also process materials. Brown corundum has high hardness, good wear resistance, good flexibility and high density.

At present, the domestic manufacturers mainly use blowing oxygen method, secondary calcination method and adding oxidant method to control the carbon residue of brown corundum, and achieved some results Brown corundum has many characteristics in the application process. If it is used in a suitable industry, then the characteristics of brown corundum are used as compensation materials. In a suitable industry, brown corundum not only plays a compensation role, but also has the role of improving the performance of products after manufacturing or stabilizing performance.

The main requirement is that the carbon content in corundum is less than 0.10%. This is because the C in corundum usually exists in the form of carbide (from C3). The carbide will react with water to form methane and aluminum hydroxide, which will make corundum particles powdered. Therefore, the lower the C content is, the better is required. The required powdering rate is less than 1%. Otherwise, cracking or looseness will occur in the baking process when the castable liner is prepared.

The furnace type change has the frit method and the dumping method. The color of brown fused alumina is usually brown and translucent, and the high-aluminum brown fused alumina color is lighter in color and shiny brown. Under the sun's rays, the transparency of black aluminum oxide will be high. The darker brown fused alumina with a little bit of color will have higher hardness, high wear resistance and high iron content.

In addition, it is important to note that you should not buy brown fused alumina that is very dark and not transparent. However, pink corundum is not all industries. Suitable for use, brown fused alumina is suitable for refractory materials, sand blasting, grinding, abrasive polishing, sandpaper, filler, aggregate, grinding wheel, water filtration. These are used in industrial areas. Brown fused alumina may also be used in other individual industries.

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