Vambos, your sports partner and Timisoara

The minigotball contest Vambos has appreciated the winners Of almost all of the organised championships by the finish of the shoot up full of surprises, sexy games, overturning, ghost, with disappointments however in addition with enjoyment, also in that, you on top of eachother, all enjoyed sports, exits with buddies, together with successes gained together, but also learning by their own defeats. Even the supreme Vambos Leagues are sporting contests with champions and losers, the latter becoming invited to reunite stronger with a impressive victory, and the winners are congratulated but in addition announced they have ensured chairs for its global competition Vambos, Balkan Cup, which can be hosted by Varna all around September 811, 20-16.


 The Vambos Balkan Cup at 2016 is going to be one of the planet's Most successful international championships, bringing the finals of all the Leagues included, the most useful of the most effective, and closer to the awards won for its Top five Vambos teams, awards of one hundred fifty euros / 1 2 tools.


The Romanian Vambos Leagues have obtained an Global connotation, together with all the engaging teams Having players of several nationalities, and the ideal example is given by Timisoara, where the Italians from"Napoli Football" managed to impose Themselves confronting of hamilton academical Minerii together with all the rating of 3 , was able to offer that the Scorer Of this contest together with the best goal keeper. These items reveal This Vambos Romania has crossed the Nation's bounds and Vambos Europe could be really a Gratifying company possessing potential for long term growth.