Obituaries for june 25th

"I absolutely, totally and utterly adore you. And i think that somehow now that we could be bestfriends. So what do you think?" . When she met Anna Scott. It was the best part for me. She was really good in acting just like the movie in Notting Hill. Gonna miss this woman. Rest in Peace Emma.

Market News was so funny and brilliant. What a loss not only for her fans but family and friends. But, to know you have brought such laughter and joy to the world, wow, what a legacy. May she rest in peace.

Jules Stobbs Death - Dead : Jules Stobbs Obituary : Shot to Death by Armed Robbers.

Lewis Hamilton’s seventh Formula One world championship, the death of Des O’Connor and news of Boris Johnson being forced into isolation are among the headlines on Monday.
I know you will be doing a tribute to Des O’Connor today. He was the nicest kindest caring man. I first met him 52yrs ago when I was 11. Over the following 50yrs he became a dear friend. One of the greatest entertainers ever. I cried so much yesterday.

Can't believe what I've just read in MOS axing Eamon and Ruth in favour of Alison & OLeary

See-no-evil monkey

. What a kick in the teeth for E & R. Get rid of Holly & Phil instead! Alison funny and will be good but Dermot dreary as hell another ch for E&A.

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