UV Light Toothbrush Sterilizer Evaluations - Does It Work?

Bril Reviews  UV-Light Toothbrush Sterilizer


Bril is an holder for your toothbrush that utilizes ultraviolet light to ensure your toothbrush is clean. The average toothbrush has 100 million germs. By using the Bril UV sterilization chamber at night, you will be able to protect your toothbrush and avoid germs.


What is Bril?

Bril is an electronic toothbrush case that is sold via our website. Bril's UV light toothbrush sterilizer is made up of an ultraviolet light chamber. It is recommended to place the head of your toothbrush in Bril at night and Bril sterilizes your toothbrush using the technology of ultraviolet.

The manufacturer of Bril strongly recommends it to senior citizens, children and those with more radiant, healthier teeth. Bril utilizes the same UV sterilization technology that is used in hospitals and on the International Space Station. UV light has been proven to kill bacteria and germs. It is possible to reduce the amount of bacteria that are present in your mouth by placing your toothbrush in Bril each night.

Benefits and features of Bril

Bril's creators emphasize the following benefits and characteristics:

Maintain your Toothbrush free of germs

The average toothbrush has over 100 million germs crawling across it today. Bril claims to protect your toothbrush from bacteria, by making use of the natural light of UV to kill bacteria from your toothbrush. To discover Bril price, you must see https://apnews.com site.

Kills 99.9 percent of germs

Bril makes use of clinically proven UV light technology that has been proven to destroy 99.9 bacteria on toothbrushes. Ultraviolet light has been proven to kill pathogens, bacteria and other harmful germs on bristles of your toothbrush.

Maintain your Body and Mouth Healthy

The germs could be fatal when you breathe them. If you clean your teeth with a brush that is contaminated, you risk ingesting germs.

Kills Germs on a Molecular Level

Ultraviolet light works by disrupting the DNA of germs at an molecular level. It destroys their DNA. This is why a lot of hospitals, aerospace settings and various other settings make use of ultraviolet light to sterilize surfaces.

360-Degree Deep Cleaning

Bril promises to clean your toothbrush head from every angle to eliminate persistent germs from the base of the brush to the bristles. According to the manufacturer Bril Bril claims that it's "like brushing your teeth with fresh toothbrushes every time."

24/7 Toothbrush Protection

Bril keeps a physical barrier between your toothbrush and your bathroom. You can protect your toothbrush throughout the day from the unpleasant vapors of your bathroom by using Bril.

Small and portable

Bril is designed to be easy for everyone to take on trips. It's roughly the size of the Apple AirPod case. Bril can be carried easily when you travel, in your bag of hygiene, or to the hotel.

Battery lasts 30 days between charges

Bril is able to last for 30 days, without the need to be charged. Bril's LED indicator will light to red when it's the time to recharge.

Fits All Toothbrushes

Bril can be used with any kind of toothbrush, whether traditional or electric, large or small, and of all ages.

Available in a variety of colors

You can buy Bril in a range of fashionable colors, adding the personal touch to your Bril. If you're buying Bril for every member of your family You can select the color of each person for an extra degree of personalization. Bril comes in white, black, and blue. A lot of customers love the modern, sleek style.

Certain devices emit UVB and UVA radiation. There's evidence to suggest that UV radiation is efficient at destroying specific types of bacteria. UVA radiation, on the other hand is much less harmful than UVB radiation, however it is less effective at inactivating specific types of germs. UVA radiation can also be associated to aging of the skin and an increased risk of skin cancer.