Shine or Go Crazy 

Pka Angkeasil​ [27 End]

The characters in the show will come to understand that they live in a society where fundamental laws like "Bad guys should be punished" are not upheld. They turn become the "good people" who battle for justice despite karma failing to perform its job. The drama will depict how they come to accept and embrace their suffering in order to build a just and better society.

Chunghae Yeo Won sees Bidam Wannabe #2 as she is leaving. They congregate while feigning interest in browsing for sale items. (There doesn't seem to be anyone close watching over these goods, which makes this a shoplifter's dream. Though I digress...) BW is informed by Yeo Won that she is aware that he is the red ninja who injured Wang So. Yeo Won learns that So is equally as powerful and talented as BW from the fact that her bodyguard was unable to eliminate her spouse. BW, who faces several obstacles, finds this to be disconcerting. Yeo Won sneaks a gewgaw into BW's palm before she departs from him.

The following day, Shin Yool is picked up and brought to the competition by a posh palanquin sent by King Crazy to Chunghae. Although Yool has a horrible feeling about this, she unwillingly dons her beekeeping hat since she knows you can't refuse an invitation from the monarch. She is taken in to meet the king face-to-veiled-face. Advisor Ji Mong remembers Yool from her prior royal escapade with Wang So when King Crazy asks her to take off her veil.

So arrives just as Yool is ready to be put to death and Wang Uk is about to get his prize for winning. Now that Yool is aware of So's genuine identity, at least one fact is made clear. So struggles with his injured arm throughout the archery portion of the first round and ultimately loses against Uk. They then saddle their horses and begin tossing sticks at one another. This one goes to So.

Over tea, Princess Yeo Won and Shin Yool begin to play mind tricks. Yool requests that the princess inform Prince Wang that he needs to come pick up his competition attire. As a result, Yeo Won is aware that her adversary is unaware that So and Wang So are the same person. Yeo Won gently warns the merchant to leave that rascally So alone since he is no good.

The king and his brothers then attend a dismal victory feast. King Crazy expresses gratitude to his uncle and all of the nobility for organising this contest, saying, "I won't forget this." Oh, but the monarch also has someone else to thank. Yool, who is still sporting her beekeeping hat, is brought in by him. Uk becomes frightened, and So, who is unable to see well through the veil, appears to be close to drop out from exhaustion.

Yool is asked by King Crazy who she thinks would succeed him as king of Goryeo in an effort to confuse her. She deftly responds that it will be a prince named Wang (which is about half the population of Goryeo at this point.) The monarch won't stop pressing the issue and wants to know why Chunghae was dressing every prince. Yool candidly says that she can exploit the event as free advertisement as a businesswoman and turn a profit by selling imitations of the gear the competitors were wearing. This straightforward response is not accepted by King Crazy, who accuses Yool of conspiring with Wang Uk to usurp the kingdom. To his credit, Uk instantly steps forward to defend Yool. King Crazy draws his blade from its scabbard and grasps Yool by the throat.

In an open competition sponsored by MBC in 2016, the script's author, Kim Soo-eun, received an honourable mention. Shine or Go Crazy will be directed by PD Sohn Hyung-shik, known for the fantasy sageuk Shine or Go Crazy and the suspenseful fugitive drama Two Weeks. Although I had more doubts about Shine or Go Crazy, which I despised as a conventional sageuk-lover, I adored the heart-pounding suspense of Two Weeks, which starred Lee Jun-ki as a nice guy outside the law. So I'm hesitantly withholding judgement until more details are released, even if Lookout's subject seems more similar to Two Weeks, which is encouraging.

Swordsmanship is the last challenge, but So is using a big-ass halberd in place of a sword. So observes a resemblance between Uk's swordplay and the red ninja (Se Won) who assaulted So at the temple when the two are engaged in combat. so defeats the United Kingdom and wins the match. Is it too much to hope that Ji Sung would join after Defendant? Casting for the drama hasn't yet begun. He'd be fantastic as an emotionally traumatised everyman because to those large expressive eyes.


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