Protecting Your Spectrum Home Security System from Hackers

Home Security System

When adding smart home devices to your Spectrum Security equipment package, it is wise to take some extra precautions to protect your WiFi networks. Wireless smart home devices can have weaknesses which can be exploited by hackers.

To protect your network, be sure to follow the best practices below, when installing your Spectrum Home Alarm System.

Research the Device

If you are considering the addition of 3rd party smart home devices, be sure to invest in equipment from reputable smart device manufacturers.

The best smart devices will require password protection, have 2-step authentication and update their firmware periodically.

Register the Equipment

It is critical to register each device…for a couple of reasons:

1. To activate the warranty as well as

2. Qualify you for receiving any firmware updates.

Pay Attention to Passwords

Always change the default passwords. It is important to use different combinations of letters, cases, numbers, and symbols.

Make Sure Your Wi-Fi Network is Secure

To keep Spectrum security systems safe, you need to secure the entire home network. Changing the name of the network and the default password is a good place to start.

Consider Professional Installation

An expert Spectrum Home Security technician can help if you have questions with setting up a secure network.

Reset to Factory Default Settings

Before you dispose of, sell or give away any of your Spectrum Security System smart devices, make sure to remove all of your data.