New Hip Hop Instrumental Rap Beat - J.Maurice

J.Maurice has a new track out, and itís a banger. It has heavy auto-tune on the hook, backed up by classic trap style beat. Oh yeah, the song has a clear and distinct message. Heís through doing favors. And we donít blame him.

Iím sure we can all relate to the concept that J. Maurice is rapping about. The only difference is heís really good about putting it into words, and even further more, a rhyme pattern.

Have you ever looked out for someone, But when you needed help they just turn the other cheek. What about people who only remember what you didnít do for them, as opposed to what you did do for them? You know, the type thatís always praying on your downfall. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then make sure to give this track a listen.

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