DIY Alarm Install Advantages over AT&T Digital Life Pro Install

Less Expensive– Setting up a DIY alarm can save money over a professionally installed AT&T Alarm System. AT&T Digital Life Reviews frequently complain of installation inexperience.
• No Contracts - The AT&T Digital Life contracts are less than the industry average, but many DIY alar companies such as Frontpoint are now month to month.
• No Waiting– With an AT&T Alarm, you will need to schedule an appointment with a technician-during normal business hours.
• Enhances Familiarity– When customers set up their own home security systems, they become more familiar with all the features and operation of their systems.
• Portability– With DIY alarms, when you move, you just pack up the system and set it up again at your new home.
• No strangers in your home - While AT&T Home Security takes great care in hiring technicians…they sometimes have to use 3rd party sub-contractors.