6 Special Applications for Cox Homelife Sensors

Cox Homelife


There are a number of special uses for the standard door or window sensors in your Cox home security system.

These magnetic sensors can be set up so that they are either monitored or non-monitored. If you don't want the alarm to be activated, a notification can be sent via e-mail or SMS when the sensor is triggered. You can then consult the Cox Homelife App to monitor any Cox Security cameras.

Some typical uses might be:

Gun Cabinet -Protecting your weapons from unauthorized or unsupervised use will help prevent tragedy.

Medicine and Liquor Cabinets- Keep an eye on the contents of your liquor and medicine cabinets.

Hazardous Materials- Ensure that you have gone the extra mile in childproofing your home. Place a contact on any cabinet within a childs reach that might contain harmful or toxic materials

Tool Shed- If the tool shed is located within the range of the hub of you Cox security system, a sensor can be placed on the door of your tool shed as well.

Mailbox- Want to know if the mail has been delivered? Sensors can be placed on the mailbox to let you know.

Pool Gate - Your Cox Alarm system can help you keep track of anyone who opens your pool gate with a magnetic sensor.