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Reduce Coronavirus Risk With Bacterial Surface Testing

Now MDMoldtesting is using their vast experience with environmental

testing to test for the presence of bacteria on surfaces.

Just because a surface looks clean does not mean it is free from viruses and bacteria.

MD Mold Testing.

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Our experts will come to your home or place of business and take swab samples of your surfaces.

We will then analyze these samples in our own laboratory. We have our own laboratory specifically for environmental testing.

In less than 72 hours you will receive a professional report regarding the exact types and quantities of bacteria and viruses present on your surfaces.

Viruses such as Coronavirus feed on bacteria.

If no bacteria is present then the is a very high indicator that no viruses are present either.

If issues are discovered our experts will advise you on remediation procedures.

For a personal free consultation contact: Jeff Pace at:

301-717-1454 .