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Time To Upgrade? 5 Warning Signs That You Need AC Repair!

When the weather in your area starts to heat up, you may be tempted to turn on your air conditioner and enjoy the cool air. However, before you do so, you must consider whether or not your AC needs repair. 

After all, an inefficient cooling system can lead to higher electricity bills and even severe health risks!

AC Repair Near Me

Here are five warning signs that it’s time for an air conditioning repair service: 

1. Strange Noises or Odors - If you hear strange noises from your air conditioning unit or detect a musty odor when it’s running, this could be a sign of failing parts within the system or mold growth due to stagnant water. 

Either way, these issues should be addressed by an experienced HVAC professional as soon as possible to prevent further damage or costly repairs.

2. Low Airflow - If your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air, this could mean a clog in the system. 

In addition, low airflow can be caused by a worn-out fan motor or other components that need to be serviced by an AC repair technician immediately. 

3. High Energy Bills - A broken air conditioning unit has to work harder than normal to cool your home, resulting in higher energy bills each month. 

It is because it needs more electricity to run and won’t be able to keep up with the demand of cooling your house efficiently.

4. Water Leaks - If you start to notice water leaking around your air conditioner, this could be a sign that the condensate drain is clogged or damaged. 

In this case, it is best to call in an AC repair expert immediately, as the problem can only get worse and result in more expensive repairs down the road. 

5. Age of Your Unit - A well-maintained air conditioner should last up to 15 years with regular maintenance. 

If yours is older than this, it may be time for an upgrade! An energy-efficient unit will help save money on monthly bills and provide greater comfort throughout summer. 

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your air conditioning system, don’t hesitate to reach out to a qualified AC repair near me service for help.

You can prevent further damage by addressing the problem immediately and enjoy a cooler home all summer! 

Who To Call?

If you live in or around Gilbert, AZ, the True North Air Conditioning & Heating expert team is here to help. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with all types of air conditioning repairs and furnace repair tasks. 

So whether you are searching for furnace repair near me services or need help with an AC repair or installation, you can depend on our team to get the job done right the first time. 

Don’t let a failing air conditioning system put your family at risk this summer. Contact True North Air Conditioning & Heating today for all your HVAC needs, and enjoy a comfortable home all season long! 

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