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Leave it to the Pros: Why Air Conditioner Installation is Not a DIY Project

When installing an AC and searching for air conditioning installation Gilbert services, many homeowners may be tempted to take the DIY approach to save money and avoid the hassle. However, air conditioner installation is a complex task that cannot be easily accomplished by anyone. 
Attempting to install an air conditioner without the necessary skills and experience can lead to serious consequences. 
This blog will explore why air conditioner installation is not a DIY project and the potential risks of poor installation.

The Benefits of Professional Air Conditioner Installation:

Installing an air conditioner involves complex processes, from sizing to wiring to placement. Professional AC installation Gilbert technicians have the knowledge, tools, and experience to ensure your air conditioning unit is installed and functioning optimally. When you hire a professional, you can expect the following:
  • Proper sizing of your unit: An experienced HVAC technician will consider your home's size, insulation, and layout to ensure your air conditioning unit is appropriately sized. It ensures that the unit operates efficiently and doesn't waste energy.
  • Proper installation: Proper air conditioning unit installation involves several steps requiring specific knowledge and tools. 

An HVAC contractors Gilbert service offering AC Installation can ensure that your unit is installed correctly and that all components, including refrigerant lines, electrical connections, and ductwork, are in place and functioning properly.

  • Improved energy efficiency: Proper air conditioning unit installation can help increase its energy efficiency. 
A professional installer can ensure that the unit is correctly positioned and all components are working efficiently, reducing energy consumption and saving you money on utility bills.

Air Conditioning Installation Gilbert

The Consequences of Poor Air Conditioner Installation:

If you attempt to install an air conditioner independently, you risk making several critical mistakes. Poor installation can have significant consequences, including:
  • Reduced lifespan of your unit: Poor installation can cause your air conditioning unit to wear out faster than it should, leading to premature failure and costly repairs or replacement.
  • Reduced energy efficiency: Improper installation can cause your unit to work harder than it should, reducing energy efficiency and driving up energy bills.
  • Risk of electrical hazards: Air conditioning units require electrical connections to be correctly wired to avoid electrical hazards. Poor installation can lead to electrical shock, fires, or other hazards.
  • Increased repair costs: Poor installation can lead to many issues that require costly repairs, including refrigerant leaks, ductwork damage, and improper electrical connections.


Installing an air conditioning unit is not a DIY project. Hiring a professional air conditioner installation Gilbert service can ensure that your unit is correctly installed, functions efficiently, and lasts for years. 
At True North Air Conditioning, we have the knowledge, tools, and experience to handle all your air conditioning needs. Whether you need a mini split Gilbert installation, central air conditioning installation, or any other AC installation, our skilled professionals are equipped to handle the job.

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