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Hello My Name is Bryan 'Todd' Pease,

And Here's 'a-Little-Background' for yayes

No, I don't have Horns devil

That's a Circle 'etched' in the Mirror - Behind me smiley

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BACKGROUND:  I've always 'prided' myself on having a 'Sense of Humor'.

Sometimes it has 'worked against me', mainly 'in class' and 'at work' but not anymore yes

I've been 'Marketing on the Internet" since 2008 and will share-info & work with you.

NOT ! Take Advantage of You - Like So Many Other's that are 'Out-There' ...

--- Another thing that I pride myself on is NOT 'BULL-SH*TTING' People.

So Here's my offer-to-you, and exactly how-it-works, 'Nothing-Hidden'

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-------------------------------------- More About Me.. --------------------------------------

My Mother loved the name Bryan, and we had an Uncle Named 'Todd' who passed-away

right before I was born, Therefore, I have always gone by Todd, except under Circumstances

of Employment, and sometimes at school, when there were 2 other Todds in the class, and

it was simply easier to go by Bryan, that's Right.. I'm a ' Team-Player ' yes

Being a GOOD-TEAM-PLAYER is what it's All About..

I'm creating a New 'Team', and I want 'You' on it. Therefore..

 'You' must ALSO be a 'Good  Team-Player'.. 

** That's the catch ** - Our Team will be a #1 Team - Please 'Keep Reading'..

I Have Always been Somewhat of a 'HARD-WORKER'.. Why Do I Say Somewhat?.. Because

I'm SURE Some of You.. have worked HARDER!..  I'll Lay this out, and you Might Say...

Yeah, so..  - So ANYWAY's.. as a Kid, I was a Paper-boy Delivering Papers BEFORE School...

That Lasted from about.. 2nd Grade to Junior-High.. /  I Helped my Brothers with their Routes til' I

could Get My Own, then Ended up with 2 Routes.. That was OK, but then.. We Moved to Arkansas!

I Love Rogers Arkansas ! Go Razorbacks!!  There, I Mowed Yards and Did Some Landscaping,

while trying to Break into a 'Starting-Role' in Sports.  Football, Basketball, Track, and Baseball..

I Did Start in Baseball, until I got up to AMERICAN LEGION, then It Got tougher for Me to Hit-the-Ball.

So, I took-up Golf.  I worked at that and could get about 1/2 way between PAR and BOGEY on my

'Good Days'.  I made a lot of Friends in Arkansas, mainly because I was a 'Class-Clown'.  

My 'Heroes' are, and "Always Will Be" George Carlin, Johnny Carson, and Cheech & Chong..

My Brother Keith ( Still-Kickin ), and  #1 ... My DAD R.I.P!  - I could NEVER-EVER thank them all

enough  for the LAUGHS !!   - 'Damn'.. Gettin' Misty Here.. Moving On... I also, helped my friends with

Homework, and Had a Fantastic Car !  A 1964 T-Bird (Landau Coupe).  It was FAST and Fun to Drive Around..

Work, work, work.. I've worked as a Truck-Driver, Electronic Technician, Computer Repair Technician, 

AS/400 Computer Operator, Sales, and 'Customer Service' at Various Times.  

Family is Very Important to me.  I'm the youngest of FIVE boys, no sisters, and I've always 'tried' to

conduct myself in a manner that would make my family proud..  Now.. I Have a New 'Online' Family ..

YOU ! - and Our World-Class ' Marketing Training and Support Teams !  And That .. Gives US a  Win-Win ! 


I'll Do What I can to Help You Learn, and SUCCEED in Online Marketing.. Just Like I Have in the Past

with My Other Friends.  I Miss My Military Friends Also.  Once Again, Clowning Around was Fun, but 

It Didn't Help My Career There.  I was very proficient, as a worker, but lacked in Discpline.  

I've been scouting, and testing ad-sources, by ACTUALLY Measuring RESULTS !  

Not Affiliate-Funnel, or Traffic-Hoopla, but by 'Hungry Prospects' who Land on YOUR Website

or Splash-Page, and Actually (Buy-Stuff).  We Also Have other Automated, Follow-up Systems, 

that you will be introduced to soon.

Here's a fair-warning, some of them COST( $ ). <-- That's a Period. So, if you are willing to 'trust me a bit',

and spend 'a little' money, we can start out small, and Gravitate to the BIG-DOG PROGRAMS ..

T-o-g-e-t-h-e-r .. cool (Let's Study & Promote Like 'Bandits') - No Political-Correct-Mambo-Ja-Hambo!

Let's Just ROCK-N-ROLL and Kick Some Butt !! - Does that sound like 'A PLAN ' .. Let's Get Started .

----- Remember.. The Learning Process NEVER Stops.. -----

Please feel-free to Scout Around on this site, ' join-stuff ' - and Upgrade !

Note: If you DON'T ASK FOR Upgrades, No-one will, so follow up  with your Leads !

So Please, Join, Upgrade, and PROMOTE, our Products. They ALL WORK! - If YOU DO... yes

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Your Script:

I had (Whatever your Weakness is) & a 'Fear of Public Speaking' (we ALL do), then

I met ( pick-a-guru ), or Joined a Program, and started to have some 'Minor Successes'. 

I Worked Under Extreme Pressure & Learned skills from xxx, and xxx, who are Guru's.

'Using that Knowlege' I now am 'Helping Others' Succeed, now I work with Who Where

and When I want .. a.k.a. .. ( YOU ! )

 -- So let's Get You 'Started'.. On Your Road to Succeess ! -- 

What is YOUR.. 'Ideal' Vision - Are Your Goals to BROAD?.. be More specific, Find your WHY?

Is it Your Family? Kids? Legacy? - What is Important to YOU? ..

' You-must '..  'B-E-L-I-E-V-E' that You CAN ACHIEVE! -  Write Your GOALS Down..

Where Are You Now ? - Take a Hard look at YOURSELF and Be HONEST.

1. Health and Fitness, Rate Yourself 1-10.

2. Career 1-10, --- Relationships 1-10. 

3. Does Your Family Look Up to You?  If not, Why?  --- Fix it ! ... 

Strategize - Work SMARTER, Not HARDER, Strengths: 80/20 Rule, 

Work 80 percent from your Strengths, 20 percent Improving Weakness's, 

Work on Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Build-Repor with people. 

-- Create a 'Consistent' Action Plan, but.. Don't Burn Yourself Out --

Remember Strenghs..(%80), Work on Weaknesses..(%20). Here's an Idea..

Do Stuff you 'Hate' on Monday i.e. %20 then.. the Rest-of-the-Week is Cake yes

Set Goals - Short Goals = (3 months) / Long Goals = (12 Months). Keep Them Simple.

Example: 50 Sales Calls a Week, & Researh Clients Before Calling..

 Tune up the Sales Script.. re-Evaluate Yourself every Monday  1-10.

Forgive Yourself if you Miss Your Goal, then.. Get Back on Track !

Find an 'Accountability' Partner and 'Leverage' Each Others Strengths.

That's a Success Seminar in a 'Nut-Shell'.. Feel Free to Bookmark and Re-Read.

See U on the Inside.. Todd Pease yes  Here's Your Bonus for Reading this Far ..  'Thanks' 

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