Issues with hip flexor pain

As we all know, hip flexor leads to low back pain because the usual muscles affected in this posture disproportion are the hip flexors. So, from there, it is indeed enough for people to believe that it can really cause low back pain.

However, some studies observed this correlation and do not get shocked with the results they got. They say hip flexor, as well as lumbosacral pain, has no correlation at all. In this article, we will gather enough information about this issue, which is whether this kind of tight hip flexors have enough mean of being correlated with low back pain.

Does hip flexor pain benefit from pelvic tilt exercise?

If it is really true that too much hip flexor may cause back pain, then it is as well believed that pelvic tilt exercise can relieve low back pain. However, as will be described below, this theory is really just a myth. It came up that the number of studies that tried to look at this issue only found little or even no correlation between Hip flexor and lumbosacral pain.

According to these studies, there is actually no significant difference in the curvature of the lumbar area between the subjects who experienced low back pain and those who do not have low back pain at all. 

In addition to that, these studies as well proved that there was no significant difference with the amount of lumbar lordosis when they compared people of different ages and people who experienced low back pain and not.

Moreover, it as well claimed that low back pain experiencing by the subjects has no association with the amount of degree of their lumbar lordosis or even the amount of Hip flexor.

So, they firmly believe that there is no correlation and association between the low back pain and spinal curves.

Thus, the issue leads to whether pelvic tilt exercise may or may not relieve the pain caused by this pelvic tilt disproportion. But, as far as condition is a concerned, there is no reason not to try manipulating yourself with pelvic tilt exercise since there is as well a big chance that it may ease the pain you are experiencing.

However, hip flexor pain can be eliminated easily with non-surgical treatment. Some basic exercises at home can provide significant relief to the pain. But before doing any activity, one needs to understand the pain type and possible way to treat them.

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