Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners In 2019

Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners In 2019

When the first vacuum cleaners were introduced, they appeared in bulky shapes and sizes. It’s quite exhausting to carry a vacuum up and down the stairs. Thanks to advanced technology, we now have lightweight vacuum cleaners. Cleaning tasks become easier and more comfortable. Here we pick out the best lightweight vacuum cleaners in 2019.

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There are many types of vacuum cleaners falling into the “lightweight” category. The lightest is the cordless handhelds which weigh about 5 pounds. This small-sized design is used in small cleaning tasks such as cleaning vehicle carpets, seats, and upholstery that don’t require powerful suction. They’re very light to carry around and clean surfaces. It’s obvious that lightweight vacuum cleaners can’t have the same suction as powerful upright vacuums. They’re considered as supplements to bigger ones for reaching different surfaces and areas.

Stick vacuum cleaners are listed among lightweight vacuum cleaners. These sticks weigh twice as much as the handheld vacuums, averaging approximately 10 pounds. They are battery-powered, so you don’t have to worry about the cord that may tangle your feet. Many manufacturers claim that these models are as powerful as the heavier upright vacuum cleaners.

Also, some designs of the canister vacuum cleaner can be made lighter than usual. They still provide you the same suction power with a long hose to reach to distant places or high places. And maybe they still look bulky, but when you try to hold it, you may utter a “wow” at how comfortable they are to handle.

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And here are the top rated lightweight vacuum cleaners in 2019 in order by weight:

1. Bissell Featherweight Stick (Corded stick) 2.6 lbs

2. VonHaus 2-in-1 (Corded stick) 4.5 lbs

3. Dyson V10 Absolute (Cordless stick) 5.9 lbs

4. Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction (Canister) 6 lbs

5. Hoover Linx Signature (Cordless stick) 7.3 lbs

6. Bissell Air Ram (Cordless stick) 7.8 lbs

7. Oreck Magnesium RS (Corded upright) 8 lbs

8. Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS (Corded upright) 8.2 lbs

9. Shark ION F80 (Cordless stick) 8.7 lbs

10. Shark Rocket Zero-M Ultra-Light (Corded stick) 9.3 lbs

You know there are various kinds of vacuum cleaners on the market, countless models, and even some fakes mixed in with the real ones. If you don’t have enough understanding from experience in buying this appliance, you had better choose one of these 10 top vacuums to buy. First, you search the names of models, look at shapes, read parameters, and read vacuum reviews. In order to choose the best fit for your own needs, there are three primary factors you need to take note: power, maneuverability, and accessories. If it is able to satisfy your household, take it home. It’s a guaranteed way for you to get a high-quality product.

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Every household should have a lightweight vacuum cleaner due to its portability and simplicity. Imagine how simple it is to carry a lightweight vacuum to clean a pile of dust in your car, and how difficult it would be to pull out a bulky upright vacuum. You also need to consider the price; it needs to be compatible with your requirements. It’s not always the most expensive vacuum cleaner will satisfy you. I hope this article helps you! Share it with your friends, your relatives, or your colleagues.

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