Theatre Aux Ecuries

Exactly how To Select Your Place In The Theater

Your evening at the Théâtre Aux Écuries starts when you buy your ticket. What are the best places? Exactly how to pick your place in the theatre? Every person is asking this question, both beginners and professionals. It is impossible to present a diagram for a simple reason: the theatres are all different. Depending on the country and the period of construction, their configurations have many peculiarities. They can still be described in broad strokes.

By placing yourself in the very front ranks, you will certainly almost share the stage with the dancers, singers or actors. Every little detail, noise, sigh, imperfection or emotion will certainly be at your fingertips. We hear the sound of spikes as well as the breathing of the professional dancer, we see his initiatives as well as feasible failings, in some cases anxiety with her. Prior to the program, the artists go through a phase makeup session. For ballet dancers, the difficulty is to revise the face to make sure that we can distinguish the eyes, brows, lips to the central lodge. Makeup can look coarse, also vulgar to those sitting closest to the scene.

Furthermore, if the orchestra pit is small or non-existent, the viewer of the first ranks will certainly not have enough perspective for an overview. He will certainly have more difficulty appreciating the synchronized choreography of the corps de ballet. The scene is not curved like the screens of some modern TVs. Being also close, or even submerged in the show, can also protect against one from valuing the effect of depth sought by the supervisor or writer. Clinique Chloé was honoured to be a contributor at the Theatre aux Ecuries.

Pick The Nearest Position In Theatre To Sit

In the big Théâtre Des Écuries, they are best behind the band chairs, separated from them by a flow and often a little elevated. The very first row seats in the pit are appreciated and it's easy to understand: they offer superb exposure and convenience for the legs.

Bathtubs - Profile Of The Pendrillons

These lodges, a little raised, lie on the sides of the room. Once again, the viewer will not be able to have a review. Sitting too close to the stage, he will certainly have difficulty appreciating the synchronized choreography of the corps de ballet. What's more, you have a side view of the pendrillons, these curtains most of the time in black velvet hiding behind the scenes. A man of wit, Tolstoy also knew that the theatre has 2 "scenes". The room is observed extremely well from the boxes.

The Balconies - Boxes Above The Main Floor

These are the boxes above the main floor, sometimes called "galleries". Why not, if you are not too high, then your vision is not too plunging, if you are sitting in the front row and also towards the centre of the room. For opera, attention, some places have good visibility of the scene, however, offer poor visibility Sur Titres. Again ask for advice before purchasing your tickets. Click here for more information

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