The medical peel is a treatment used to rejuvenate, illuminate and also cleanse the face. In addition, its evolution has allowed today to also get in minimal sessions to resolve problems such as stains, acne, wrinkles, scars and also sagging. The peel is a revitalizing technique that enhances and also stimulates the effects of other therapies such as Botox, facial fillers or lasers. It is a technique that is also photosensitizing which means that the treatment can be done at any time of the year. In Clinique Chloé, we offer instant facial rejuvenation with almost no time. Our experts are professional in this segment. To provide you best advantage, you should understand the procedure a little better.

The treatment combines the traditional peeling with hydrogen peroxide. TCA is used to penetrate faster in the dermis as well as thus activate the regenerative process of the skin without being aggressive with the epidermis which is one of the most superficial part of the skin. This conjugation allows the stimulation of the skin without causing alteration in the area to be treated. That is why it is suitable for all skin types. The technique is not invasive or painful, does not produce redness, or leave marks or bruises. Its effects are instant.

It is a new concept of revitalization without needles. It means that unlike other revitalization treatments do not require infiltrating the substances with microinjections, however it is a procedure of bio revitalization that is applied topically. It consists of the application of a combination of TCA to 33% with oxygenated water that promotes the stimulation of fibroblasts without causing inflammation or skin damage. The method is focused on combat facial and also body flaccidity based on revitalization without using needles, deal with stretch marks and scars resulting from chickenpox or acne, it complement a radiofrequency treatment as well as improves the effects of various aesthetic medicine treatments such as vitamin, Botox, fillers or laser infiltration. This treatment is also appropriate for revitalizing neck, hands and neck line.

A single session of between 15 and 20 minutes might be enough to achieve a flash effect of beauty on the face. However, the repetition of the therapy is linked to the type of skin, to the lesion that you wish to eliminate, among other aspects that the dermatologist must be scheduled. This kind of peeling can be done between two and also five times in intervals of 15 to 20 days. Our specialists recommend a previous exfoliation with cosmetics to adapt the skin to the process. Kojic, salicylic or lactic acids are also used for this preparatory purpose.

It is, therefore, a new concept of peeling that provides enormous benefits for the skin. The dermis becomes more turgid and also in this way, it is possible to soften fine wrinkles as well as reduce scars. On the other hand, it enables diminishing the spots on the skin which contributes to the global facial rejuvenation. This is a really fast technique that does not alter your usual routine and also with flash effect in order to illuminate your skin prior to an event or special event.