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GoFounders, the marketing arm of ONPASSIVE, was launched in 2018 by Mr. Ash Mufareh. GoFounders was launched to help hardworking and aspiring individuals achieve business success. GoFounders platform provides opportunities for all individuals to live a life free of financial worries. The platform also allows its members to earn recurring income through the GoFounders compensation plan. If you are looking to live your dreams and take your business to new heights, GoFounders is the perfect platform for you. It is entirely a legit platform for investment.

Moreover, the platform provides a money-back guarantee. So, don’t wait for more. Join GoFounders today and accomplish your business goals and objectives. I saw various GoFounders reviews online. In most of the GoFounders review, its members have elaborated on the benefits of joining GoFounders. Also, the people who love the company have mentioned about their positive experiences about joining GoFounders. So, before making your final decisions, you can go through GoFounders review and understand more about the company. In this GoFounders review, I will be providing you with comprehensive insights on GoFounders that can help you decide on whether to join GoFounders or not.

In this article, I have explained:

  • What is GoFounders?
  • What does offer?
  • Benefits of joining GoFounders
  • GoFounders compensation plan
  • Is GoFounders legit or scam?

What is GoFounders?

GoFounders platform can be called a community of business leaders aiming to achieve business success. By joining as a Founder in GoFounders, business leaders can access ONPASSIVE’s business automation solutions. ONPASSIVE’s business automation solutions enable business leaders to automate their marketing activities and enhance productivity. GoFounders also offers lucrative opportunities for aspiring individuals to earn unlimited income through referral and compensation programs.

Besides, by joining GoFounders, members can collaborate with like-minded individuals and share their thoughts. Members of GoFounders can also ask queries about their business operations and get solutions from other business owners. This can help them in enhancing business growth and achieving profitability. You don’t have to keep track of all your marketing activities. ONPASSIVE’s business automation solutions do everything for you. Another significant advantage of joining GoFounders is that you can enjoy your personal life equally with professional growth. Mr. Ash Mufareh, the founder of GoFounders, believes that individual growth is equally important for every business owner.

Anyone with minimal or less knowledge of the technologies and artificial intelligence processes can join the GoFounders compensation plan. GoFounders is a legit platform as it provides a money-back guarantee. GoFounders is one of the best platforms available today for businesses of all sizes. Consider investing in GoFounders for sure if you are into marketing.

What does Offer?

GoFounders offer MLM opportunities through its platform. The platform can be said as a one-stop-shop for all the digital requirements. GoFounders offer AI-based marketing automation tools and applications for small and large businesses. These AI-powered tools and applications can help companies to enhance marketing efficiency and reduce operational costs. In today’s AI-powered world, GoFounders’ tools are vital for businesses to stay ahead of their competitors.

All the AI-powered tools and applications are designed to help businesses improve productivity while managing operating costs. The firm enables its members to enjoy financial freedom throughout their lifetime. It is entirely different from other MLM programs. Here, it’s not just about referring to other individuals but also about automating the organization’s entire marketing activities. Here are some main products and solutions offered by GoFounders.

#1: TrimURL

TrimURL is one of the essential tools for businesses of all sizes. In social media, the trend of long URLs no longer exists. As such, companies must leverage link shortener tools to shorten their longer URLs. This is where TrimURL comes into the play. An advantage of using TrimURL is that the links shortened using TrimURL are accepted across all the websites and social media channels. Moreover, GoFounder’s TrimURL offers an analytics platform where users can track the engagement of their links. By monitoring the progress of your initiatives, you can revamp marketing strategies accordingly. Moreover, your users can easily share the links of your articles and blogs when they are shorter. TrimURL makes it easy for users to share the content online. Furthermore, the shortened URL attracts more clicks compared to longer spammy looking URLs.

#2: Mass bulk mailing

Don’t worry about the time to email a large number of your audiences; ONPASSIVE’s mass bulk mailing makes it easier for you. This tool allows users to send multiple emails simultaneously. This saves a lot of time for marketers. Emailing to the whole team is now more comfortable with GoFounder’s mass bulk mailing tool. Previously, you had to save all the email addresses in an excel and send emails individually to all. Now, you can segment your customers into different groups. While segmenting customers, categorize customers with similar characteristics into the same group and send personalized emails to them in a single slot. The main advantage of using mass bulk mailing is that it allows marketers to reach a massive audience simultaneously. Besides, marketers can achieve higher conversions and sales with personalized emails.

#3: Calendar scheduler

Do you often forget to schedule your meetings? Not anymore! The calendar scheduler has got your covered. The calendar scheduler allows users to schedule recursive meetings and send automated meeting emails to all attendees. Also, the tool provides you reminders for all the scheduled meetings. Using a calendar scheduler, you don’t have to keep track of all the sessions in a notepad. The tool does it automatically for you. Even in cases, if you forget any scheduled meeting, you will get reminders for them at the scheduled timing. So, you can choose to set the reminders before 30 mins of the session.

#4: Video Conference

Today like most of the people are working from home, a virtual conference is gaining immense popularity. A virtual conference tool allows users to stay connected with each other virtually. This AI-powered tool automatically identifies and suggests the best meeting time. While doing video conferences, you can chat with the attendees personally or in the group. Besides, you can note down all the points discussed in the meeting while attending the meeting.

#5: Video Marketing

Videos are becoming very popular these days. In social media, video content is getting more engagement compared to graphics. As such, businesses must incorporate video content into their social media channels. This tool of GoFounders helps integrate video content in marketing campaigns. This eventually allows marketers to get higher conversions and sales.

#6: Webinar

Webinars are gaining massive popularity among B2B businesses today. Webinars help B2B companies to educate their customers on new products and services. Webinars are also being conducted by influencers these days to reach out to their customers. At ONPASSIVE, our webinar tools help founders access all webinars for free. Also, founders can access recorded webinars at any point of the time. Moreover, webinars can help users to understand the features and advantages of new serviced and products launched by an organization. How-to webinars and educational webinars can be conducted by B2B and B2C firms to educate their customers on new products and services.

#7: Website Builder

The website builder tool makes it easier for you to build a website. The voice function tool enables you to select multiple options through voice search. Furthermore, you will get free access to numerous website templates with this website builder tool. If you are starting with a website builder, this tool will suggest the best models and designs. This will make your work easier.

Benefits of Joining GoFounders

There are enormous benefits to joining GoFounders. Mostly, the tools and applications of GoFounders allow businesses to reach their target market and enhance profitability. AI-based tools and applications are also used to gather insights into the market and customers. Besides, companies can keep track of their competitors’ strategies and plans by leveraging GoFounder’s tools and applications. Some of the significant benefits of GoFounders include:

Getting to know the target market — ONPASSIVE’s tool allows marketers to identify their customers’ needs and requirements. By understanding the requirements of audiences, marketers can personalize marketing strategies. Personalization helps marketers to retain valuable customers and get higher conversions.

Keeping track of target customers’ needs — Today, traditional marketing strategies are no longer working. As such, marketers will need to invest their marketing strategies to stay ahead of their competitors. This requires marketers to keep pace with the target customers’ needs and requirements and adapt strategies accordingly. Also, by changing to the fast-changing market, marketers can efficiently utilize their marketing spend and reduce operating costs. Businesses that adapt to the changing market needs and requirements are expected to achieve a leading advantage in the long-run.

Directly marketing to customers — As person-to-person communication is becoming popular, the same is with marketing. Today, customers encourage brands that sell directly to them rather than through third-party clients. ONPASSIVE’s tools and applications allow businesses to market directly to their customers by understanding their needs and requirements.


Mr. Ash Mufareh’s vision of internet marketing has changed the way people live. With GoFounders, individuals have opportunities to earn unlimited income and live their dreams. Founders are profoundly grateful towards Mr.Ash for providing such a unique platform. Founders’ testimonials and GoFounders reviews clearly show their love for Mr. Ash. Furthermore, by collaborating with GoFounders, various small and large business leaders can interact with other business leaders and share their thoughts. Founders also enjoy the GoFounders tools and applications that are powered by artificial intelligence. With these tools and applications, various founders have enhanced their business productivity and achieved substantial business outcomes.

Is GoFounders legit or scam? :

I came across various GoFounders reviews, where people expressed the thought of whether GoFounders is legit or scam. I have mentioned the compensation plans of GoFounders and their AI-powered tools and applications. These clearly show that GoFounders is a legit company. It is not a scam. If a company is not legit, in no way, it will ensure a money-back guarantee to its members. This feature of GoFounders denotes that they are not a scam company.

Besides, by joining the firm, you will get multiple benefits, from earning recurring income to automating marketing activities. The company also provides complete access to all its tools and applications for free to all its members. The company offers lucrative opportunities for aspiring individuals to earn unlimited income through its compensation programs. Also, members can collaborate with like-minded individuals and share their thoughts. Members of GoFounders can also get solutions from other business owners. This can help them in enhancing business growth and achieving profitability. Now, marketers will not have to keep track of all your marketing activities. ONPASSIVE’s business automation solutions will do everything for you.

Conclusion :

This GoFounders  will help you in deciding whether to join the firm or not. But I would recommend you to join this platform if you are looking to enjoy your personal and professional life equally. Mr. Ash Mufareh is a person who gives more importance to an individual’s own life. So, he has launched this platform aiming to help individuals to automate their day-to-day activities and enjoy their own lives.

Apart from the compensation program, there are various other advantages of joining the platform. This ranges from automating business activities to accessing all AI-powered tools to interacting with other like-minded individuals. The platform currently has 1, 060,000+ members and is still counting. Moreover, consider the reviews written by others. Besides, have a look at the testimonials on their website. This will help you make the best decision in your life.

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