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GoFounders Review:Scam or Legit?
Before I begin with my Gofounders review, let me make it very much clear that I am not here to sell anything, nor am I connected with Gofounders from anywhere. 
GoFounders is such an online community which operates as a back-office of ONPASSIVE and support in team building. GoFounders helps in flawless and smooth registration to become new members. Gofounders platform offers excellent built-in tools needed for creating an invitation for a new member.
The registered members are known as founders, and they get a chance to built there team, which supports them to earn extra passive income.
After successful registration, founder members or affiliates get the power of the ONPASSIVE AI-driven plug-n-play business solution platform developed with business intelligence, which helps them build your business from scratch and also support process automating. Along with this, founders also get access to support from the community members to obtain financial freedom by becoming part of its Gofounders compensation plan that benefits to earn long-term passive residual income.
Compensation Plan: 
In this section of my GoFounders review, I will explain how the GoFounders compensation plan works, and you can start filling in the matrix. The first thing you have to do is buy the offer itself, which gives you access to all the functions of the machine as well as all its functions.
It enables its founders to get long-term residual payments.Its like you passive earning sitting at home. You will have full control of your business funds and business operations. Its innovative business plan ensures income, and ONPASSIVE gets your business on auto-pilot mode.
One of the significant reasons why people want to become a member of GoFounders is its unique Compensation plan with a spill-over feature.
GoFounders has a unique compensation plan for its founders. It offers a 3X10 matrix with four packages to meet your requirements.
Mention below are the four packages:
AFFILIATE Package: When one become a Founder, he requires to activate the level (i.e., Level 1), it will cost that member only $25 every month. 
PRO Package: This is another package that will cost you $125 per month. If you select to buy this package, then you require to pay for both the packages AFFILIATE and PRO, which is going to cost you $150 every month.
LEADER Package: The third package costs $250 every month. As described for the PRO package, similarly, as you go higher with the packages, you require to spend for the package below the picked package. So the value of this package will be the whole of AFFILIATE, PRO, and LEADER packages, which is going to cost you in a total of $400.
MASTER Package: This is the ultimate and most high-priced package proposed by GoFounders, which is going to costs you $500 every month. Nevertheless, as discussed above, you need to buy this package at the cost of $900.
My Go Founders review conclusion:
Definitely not
GoFounders has its appearance beyond 100 countries now and doesn’t have any pyramidal construction or plan and even not a Ponzi Scheme. 
It is merely a back-office of ONPASSIVE, which is an information technology company that trades with all-round business solutions platform equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that supports to automate and streamline business activities. 
The goal of the company is to allow its members or Founders to transform their hectic life to a relaxed experience by getting relieved of the outcast and monotonous old-fashioned business operations. Furthermore, its compensation plan is planned in such a way that it doesn’t return only for recruiting new members but also pays you extra income, but only when you are an active member who is using the tools.

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