Know More About Swimming Pool Repair

Common problems associated with a pool, hot tub or spa involve the filter, water heater, pump, or motor. Filters can become clogged easily, or they may become dirty over time causing the unit to function poorly. Problems associated with the water are usually caused by poor filters or chemical imbalances resulting from dirty water. Any of these problems can be fixed rather easily by the owner. Other problems can be more serious. For more serious problems, the owner should consult an experienced professional. The more serious problems usually involve the heaters, pumps and motors. The easiest way to avoid having to do pool, hot tub and spa repair is to do routine maintenance on your unit. Troubleshooting Guide for Filter, when performing troubleshooting tasks with the filter, you will most likely encounter two types of problems. Water leakage around the filter - this can be caused by damaged or worn out o-rings, tank, or loose plumbing .You may want to check out pool repair for more.

Needing to replace the filter too often - this can be a sign that the water is not balanced correctly due to improper chemical application. It can also indicate that the filter is too small for the water volume. Improper cleaning can also damage the filter. Minor hot tub repair can be completed by the owner, such as cleaning the filter, testing the chemicals, getting the correct size filter, or changing damaged tank. Troubleshooting Guide for Water, there are three possible problems with the water in your hot tub, pool, or spas.

Dirty and cloudy water - possible causes include dirty filter, high calcium, high bacteria, high pH and alkalinity. Green water, this is caused by algae growth. Foamy water, this can be caused by soft water, high TDS levels, or high contaminant level. You can fix any of these by cleaning the filter, draining the water completely and refilling the spa, and testing the chemicals in your hot tub. Heater Troubleshooting Guide, possible problems with your heater may be that is not heating, it cycles on and off constantly, or it takes too long to heat the water. You can check the thermostat and filter. If it is still causing problems, you may need to consult a professional.