Surface Book 2 Cases and Covers


Why should you get a Case for Surface Book 2?

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 isn't a cheap device. Being an owner of Surface Book, you should be careful of the equipment and keep it safe as much as possible. For those who don't know about the Surface Book, it is a 2-in1 laptop from Microsoft, which is portable and powerful enough to handle all the crazy heavy duty works.

It is also considered as the best business laptop as well. This beautifully designed hybrid laptop is expensive but can beat Macbook Pro 2019, with its sleep and detachable keyboard that turns it into a tablet.

Since it is an expensive device and not everyone can afford it, but for those who do are scared to get it damaged. Here you can find the Best Surface Book 2 Cases and Covers that you need for your Microsoft Surface.

Urban Armor Gear

Urband Armor Gear

It is a highly durable, rugged case but one of the expensive one. The design of the Case is bulky and heavy, but it can protect your laptop from all directions. You can detach the keyboard while using it in tablet mode without removing the Cover. The UAG for Surface Book 2 is currently available in 13.5 Inch variant, and there is no plan for the 15 Inch model from the manufacturer.

TOASTMade Cover

TOASTMade Wood Cover

The TOASTMade wood cover for Surface Book is for those who like sleep and stylish Cover for their laptop. It is available in multiple designs, and you can also order a custom print as well. However, it is only best to protect your computer from getting scratched.

The wood cover is available for both 15 Inch Surface Book and 13 Inch model.

iPearl mCover Hardshell Case

iPearl mCover Hardshell Case on Amazon

The hardshell Case from iPearl mCover a US-based company is impressive and yet lightweight and cheap. In fact, it is one of the most affordable Surface Book Case available on Amazon. It is available in multiple colors, and the Case is easy to install and remove whenever you want. Just like phone cases.


iCarer Case on Amazon

This is for the business people, it luxurious and designed with 100% real leather. The iCarer Case for Surface Book is available in Black, Brown, Khaki, and Coffee colors. It is a hand-crafted leather cover that will protect your laptop from all directions and can be used in tablet mode. You don't need to remove the Cover to use it in Tablet mode.

There are a few more brands as well, which we have listed in our other pages.

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