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How do I change the style of my website?
Click on the "Home" link in the edit pages box

I've added several pages to my website in the members area but they do not appear when I visit my site?
Only upgraded members can host multi page websites, if you are an upgraded member remember to click your browser's refresh button to make changes appear.

I've updated my website and it still looks the same?
Click your browser's refresh button to make changes appear.

How do I add a banner or other HTML to my web page?

Adding a banner, HTML code, PayPal button, etc.. to your All4Webs page:-

1. Select the page you want to edit from the main member page.

2. Make sure "Source" is selected on the editor window, the "Source" view is a small tab at the bottom of the editor.

3. Use ctrl-c to copy your HTML code, and ctrl-v to paste the HTML source into the editor window.

4. Save the altered page.

Can I add images, sounds, and video to my web pages?
Yes, you can, our systems allow you to upload or link to a wide variety of file types.