Behind The Build Submariner Mods




Without the Rolex Submariner, it's impossible to discuss watches. The Submariner is probably the most famous timepiece - particularly in the field of sports watches. Since its debut in the 1950s it's been a trend-setting timepiece.


The Seiko SKX Submariner mod is a great way to tap into the look of a Submariner without having to contend with the exorbitant Rolex pricesor lengthy waitlists for years just to get the opportunity to purchase the watch. There are a few aftermarket parts. Nobody's modifying a $10,000 Rolex. We offer a variety of Seiko components to assist you in building your own customized Submariner-style mod.

With our NMK909 Submariner style case and mod components, you can make your own Submariner mod that is true to your own vision, with a fraction of price of an Seiko Submariner. In addition, you can avoid the high cost of service, as our Seiko Submariner case features rock solid Seiko movements.

Making an SkX seiko submariner mod Your Method

Let's face it , the Submariner mod might be one of the most appealing Seiko mod ideas available.





A Submariner mod is based on regular SKX components, in contrast to other SKX mods. You can reuse the old case for another project, or simply purchase all the parts you need without beginning with a donor SKX. This checklist could be helpful if you want to have an entire watch made from scratch.

We have steel and polished PVD Seiko submariner cases that provide a fantastic starting point for any skx submariner mod. The NMK909 case can take OEM as well as aftermarket Seiko Skx parts to ensure you'll never have problems in your vision.

Finding the right Look

Rolex has been using the Submariner in its experiments for a long time. The Yachtmaster and Submariner are able to serve as an inspiration for seiko submariner mod. This SKX submariner modification is based on the gold crown and bezel. It creates an SKX Submariner with like the most recent version of gold but with its own distinctive flavor. The dial is exquisitely made of waffle, and it blends beautifully with the polished and brushed black case.

Creating a new SKX submariner

We love the versatility of the SKX Submariner Case. We recommend that you browse through the various case, insert and bezel options. Check out our wide selection of bezel inserts to be aware of the options available and to get some inspiration before you set out to build your own seiko submariner mod.

There are many choices, which is the reason this kind of hobby can be daunting. Keep reading for some guidance on planning your Submariner-style watch design.