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Michael Vick, The Fallen NFL Star

I'm a former NFL player and why they think Michael Vick made the mistakes he made I asked my friends in the NFL. My friends told me they thought it was because h-e was attempting to be faithful to his friends. I agree, but what I think it was, was peer- pressure.

I am writing this article to alert...

Jordan Vick is perhaps one of the largest starts in the NFL. Why would a person with so much fame and fortune make the silly errors he's made and destroy his career?

I'm a former NFL player and I asked my friends in the NFL why they feel Michael Vick made the mistakes he made. My friends said they believed it was because h-e was trying to be faithful to his friends. To get further information, please have a peep at: like i said. I concur, but what I think it was, was peer- force.

I am writing this article to alert kids, children, and adults about the problems of peer- pressure and that it could make you do really stupid and dangerous things, in the same way it did with Michael Vick.

You must have your own personal head and be a strong person. You must make your own personal choices and do what you know is right and moral. When I was growing up I had friends that were in gangs and drugs. I thought they were cool when I was young. They accepted me and wanted me to end up like them and do the things they did, despite the fact that what they were doing was wrong. I loved my friends but I knew within my heart that the things they were doing was wrong. A lot of my friends died due to drugs and gang-related violence. I look right back at the things they did and I now realize that the things they were doing wasn't cool. In reality, they were being silly and putting themselves in hazardous conditions. To explore additional information, please consider taking a view at: Once you know The Danger Of Gastric Bypass : CUCC. I'm sure they knew it too but the peer pressure of being great and fitting in using their friends was more powerful than their will to keep themselves out of trouble. Therefore, they allowed them-selves to fall to peer-pressure.

I did so not need a father growing up. Because of that I wasn't taught by way of a male father figure how you can act. Therefore, my male friends were my role models regarding how a person should act. But as a grown man who has experienced the results of making bad decisions due to peer-pressure now, I know that you've to generate your own decisions in life. You've to result in yourself. Just because your friends are doing some thing doesn't mean you've to do it too. You've to be strong and do what you know is right. Life is too short and important to get into trouble in ruin your life as Michael Vick has done. Michael had the world in his hands and lost everything because he wanted to be great in front of his friends who were associated with illegal and immoral actions.

I want to give you some options to assist when you are faced with peer-pressure: yourself make the best choice

1. Always think about the most crucial person you love before you make the wrong choice. Think about how you'd hurt that person if you do something wrong.

2. Ask yourself if doing what your friends want you to do may help your potential or destroy it? Michael Vick must have been asking this question to herself. If he did, he'd perhaps not maintain the situation he's in now.

3. Think about, Is this who I truly want to be? Are-the friends I go out with the kind of people I want to be? You should determine who you wish to be and choose friends who have your same values and can you accomplish your goals instead bringing you down and destroying your lifetime.

4. Get extra information on a related article - Visit this URL: Ask yourself, When it is all over will my friends be there for me? Are your friends good individuals who value you and need to see you succeed in life-or are they using you for self gain?

5. Ask yourself, Is it all worth it? In the great scheme of life, is making the decision to check out your friends going to have a positive or negative effect on your life?

I promise you why these are the issues Michael Vick is asking herself over and over. You will be assured that if Michael could go back in time he would never make the stupid decisions he has made by falling to peer-pressure. Learn from Michael Vicks mistakes and always ask yourself prior to making any decision if that decision may help or hurt your lifetime. Think before you act and never make a poor choice simply because your friends think it's the great thing to do. This splendid read URL has diverse impressive suggestions for the inner workings of this concept. Be strong and do the proper thing..