Scott Ryan began his qualified profession as a performer and promptly realized that his need to create films went way beyond the ought to inform a story. He wanted to produce films that entertained and inspired people. This have to have was cemented though working within the environmental movement considering that he was a teen. Get more details about Scott Ryan


Scott’s vision came to fruition when he began directing documentaries for the startup company Zoom Culture. Lots of of those films were developed for the national Television shows PLAYGROUND EARTH and HIP HOP NATION. For the duration of his time at ‘ZC’ Scott found himself shooting stories on every little thing from professional street lugers to Los Angeles street art and a number of PSA’s.


On his subsequent adventure, he supervised edits in the OLYMPICS plus the very first ever multiplatform broadcast of your Paralympics for NBC/Universal. He then further honed his documentary abilities shooting together with the Gantz Brother’s production company View Film (of TAXICAB CONFESSIONS fame).


In 2005 Scott formed Zero Point Entertainment with partner Charmel Green and served as Senior V.P. of production. At ‘ZPE’ they created and pitched numerous series and shot the very first season of A BLOODY BRILLIANT LIFE which aired on ABC (Australia). They also created the online video platform Kachoo!, packaged feature films, created commercials for cutting edge customers just like the Wellness Channel, and formed partnerships with market veterans for instance Promenade Images.


The duo found a missing element in tv much more than several years ago: the desires and dreams, the very manifestos (or missions) of daily people have been not becoming represented. Scott’s background intertwined with this deficit & inspired the project & show known as MANIFESTO! The series has been shopped through much on the world, has inspired countless commercial projects, and is now the subject of Scott’s feature documentary in progress, WE WANT THE AIRWAVES.


Recently Scott also consulted on a feature documentary about the quintessential, defunct punk music venue ‘The Outhouse’ based in Lawrence, Kansas. He’s also developing soon-to-be-announced doc projects involving a team of legendary pro skaters.


Scott’s social justice work spans environmental, animal welfare, & civil rights issues, having worked on behalf of Greenpeace, The Sierra Club, NRDC, Friends of the Los Angeles River, and Rhapsody in Green amongst others. Scott’s animal advocacy includes operating with animal advocate Karen Dawn on her campaigns. He was also the co-founder and executive director in the endangered species non-profit Identify Foundation, where they launched a Mountain Gorilla project and a prepped a Pink Dolphin project. Partners included DFGFI (Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund Intl) and MGVP (Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Patrol), as well as WWF and Sea Sheperd on prepped projects.


Scott was an early, loud and proud creator and supporter of socially conscious, cause oriented tv. He continues to push the envelope whenever he can. He was recently featured in Micro$oft’s Green Leaders video series. He hosts documentary film/television projects and organizes/speaks at charity events whenever time allows.