English Made Easy: From Grammar to Fluency in 30 Days; Pronunciation and Eeeeeasy Writing...Plus!  

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A brief introduction on how a new language is acquired.

Anyone who has learned a second language or foreign language should know that a certain time is needed to have good proficiency in a given L2 or foreign language.

The first thing to do is to have a bi-lingual dictionary, and secondly, start familiarizing yourself with the alphabet, and thirdly build up a good set of vocabulary; at least enough words to communicate at a basic level.

Then the rest will follow. The grammar of any language is the basic, essential and fundamental part of a language.

The best way to learn a new language is to be inserted in the country where the language is spoken; here you can

practice the language with the native speakers. Then scale up, from colloquial conversation to a more and formal

communication where speaking, writing and knowledge on grammar will merge and give you the leap needed to feel at

home with a given language. 

Lastly, but not the least important is how not native speakers will pronounce this language that is not his or her forte.

Below we provide the tools for these three parts of a language learning process.

1- Grammar levels; "From Grammar to Fluency in 30 Days".

2. Pronunciation levels;  "Pronunciation" and 

3. Writing levels. "Eeeeeasy Writing".

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Step 3. you may order your e-book.

Step 4. We accept Western Union and Cryptocurrency as modes of payment.

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Ebook 1 - FGF30D

E-book details:

Book title: From Grammar to Fluency in 30 Days

Page: 641 pages

Order via: Cryptocurrency or Western Union

Price: $15.00 Only!

Delivery: Via E-mail address that you will provide us.

Ebook 2 - PRO

E-book details:

Book Title: Pronunciation

(this pdf version does not include CD, it is Text only)

Page: 265 pages

Price: Today $10.00 only !!

Mode of payment: Cryptocurrency or Western Union...

Delivery: Via E-mail address that you will provide us.

Ebook 3 - EW

E-book Details:

Book Title: Eeeeeasy Writing

Page: 210 pages

Price: $7.00 Only!

Mode of payment: Cryptocurrencies, or Western Union

Delivery: Via E-mail Address that you will provide us.

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