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Price Of Black And Gold Marble IN Qatar

Black And Gold Marble | SMB Marble Qatar 

SMB Marble Qatar | Black and Gold Marble
Black And Gold Marble | SMB Marble Qatar

Black and Gold Marble in Qatar is an extremely one of a kind and celebrated Pakistani stone, it is well known on account of its dark shading on which there are white and brilliant stripes. It is likewise called and knows as Black and Gold. It is found from the mountains of the Balochistan area which is in the southwest piece of Pakistan and this region is rich with different minerals excessively, for example, onyx, rock, and so on. Dark and Gold Marble Price is accessible on the size of pieces and tiles. 

Dark and Gold Marble is a marble of which not many individuals know its appropriate birthplace and the vast majority imagine that it is an Italian or Chinese stone as they get it from Italy or China, the purpose for it is that manufacturing plant proprietors of Italy and China come to Pakistan and get it as mono lama squares and afterward process them into tiles and pieces and re-fare to different nations that is fundamental motivation behind why the majority of the purchaser believes that this stone isn't of Pakistani source however in all actuality it is from Pakistan and it is additionally handled in Pakistan and the completed tiles and sections are of same quality to Italy and China and the cost is practically half not exactly these nations yet the quality is same. 

Dark and Gold Marble is, for the most part, sent out to China, Italy, the USA and UAE from Pakistan. 

Suggested Applications: Flooring, Cladding, Counter Tops, Exterior, Interior, Table Tops 

Completions Offered: Calibrated, Polished, Honed, Tumbled, Sawn



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