Download Smadav 2020 New Version


Download Smadav 2020 New Version – Who does not know Smadav? Computer users on the ground water must know and never wear it. Smadav is an antivirus work of the nation, Zainuddin Nafarin, which are able to give protection to a USB stick and a computer (PC or laptop) from any kind of viruses. This is one of the antivirus application. 

Smadav, Antivirus Compatible Antivirus Other 

Smadav known easy to use on the computer. Unlike other antivirus apps, it will not crash if it is installed in a computer that already has an antivirus application. Therefore, he is not an antivirus main. 

Download Smadav 2020

Smadav has the main function to provide protection of the second tier when other antivirus passed a virus. He also serves to banish the virus coming from a USB stick. This is because the USB stick is known as a medium for spreading viruses the biggest, especially if a computer is being used by many people. 

Download Smadav 2020 New Version 

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The use of the resource that small make Smadav will not burden the computer's performance. Understandably, when installed and enabled, it will only take CPU and RAM usage is about 10 mb. File size download Smadav new version was just around 2 mb. 

Update Smadav 2020

The developer offers an Update in two types: PRO and free. Smadav PRO has many features that are not owned Smadav free. These features, among others: automatic updates once a month, the appearance of the interface beautiful tools is complete, setting the anti-ransomware, protection application, and permission of usage for the needs of profit. However there is no significant difference between Smadav PRO with free, if judging from the technical side of how to detect the virus. 

How To Install / Install Smadav Terbaru 

Before installing / install the application antivirus Smadav terbaru, make sure download Smadav new version first. Extract and save the results of extract in a folder that is easy to find. Next, follow the steps below: 

Turn off the antivirus computer and an internet connection. 
Search results extract a folder of raw files Smadav terbaru, and then double-click or right-click and select Open. 
Follow the next instructions. 
Application Smadav free latest version has been installed on the computer, can be directly activated. 
For users Smadav free, if a computer already there is a Update, can download file Smadav new version first, then overwrite the application that is already installed with the new file. Update Smadav free will only be performed every 4-6 months. 
·For users Smadav PRO does not need to think about updates. Because every internet-connected Update will be automatically updated – certainly if there's an update. Update Smadav PRO done once a month. 
Please, click the file Download Smadav 2020 New Version to get the update Smadav most advanced!

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