The YMA National Youth Workers Convention


The YMA (Youth Ministry Association) is a national youth workers convention. It is a great way to meet other Christian youth workers, learn about the latest techniques and strategies, and gain inspiration for your ministry. This year's theme is "Rethinking Youth Ministry."

Early bird registration is recommended

Many conferences and conventions have early bird registration, which is a great incentive for people to register early. The price for this registration is usually 10-25 percent off the regular cost. This can be a great way to attract customers to your event, especially if you're offering exclusive rewards or VIP perks.

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YMA is a national youth workers convention

The YMA is a national youth workers convention that has been in existence for many years. It is a great way to see all of the latest trends and methods that are used in today's youth ministry. If you're a youth worker, you're likely interested in attending. As the name suggests, it is a conference for educating and inspiring youth workers.

One of the conferences that YMA offers is the Faith and Science in Conversation. This conference is designed to engage youth and their leaders in a series of conversations that will help them develop innovative approaches to dealing with a variety of global issues. Some of the topics that the conference will cover include environmental and social inclusion, economic inclusion, and the role of technology in the youth ministry.

Legacy groups are no longer publishing physical books

The youth ministry industry is changing rapidly. Some companies have closed shop, while others have reimagined themselves. One of the notable groups is Legacy, a company which started out as a small operation churning out repurposed coasters. Its flagship product is the Orange Conference, an annual event that has piqued the interest of many a youth worker. In a bid to better serve its community, the company has taken the philanthropic route and launched a new charitable foundation, Legacy Outreach.

The company has also tapped into the social expressions business with a line of high quality paper products and greeting cards that rivals any of its larger competitors. But what really makes Legacy special is its unique fusion of technology and creativity. From its unique product lines to its in-house design and print team, the company is a force to be reckoned with.

Christian outreach efforts of the local church

During the recent national youth workers convention, Southern Baptist missionaries and students participated in outreach efforts in Southern California. In a region that boasts a diverse ethnic mix, churches and seminaries spent a week training and engaging neighborhoods around Anaheim and the surrounding communities. These young people were invited to various church events and activities, including a block party, Bible learning tents and door-to-door Gospel discussions. Early reports indicate that students had over 400 Gospel conversations during the week.

Ahead of the SBC annual meeting, Crossover and Send Relief partnered with 34 local churches to provide outreach in the community. This served as a precursor to the Serve Tour, which took place ahead of the 2022 convention. The Serve Tour also featured many other local churches, which partnered with other ministries for various activities.

CPYU president Dr. Walt Mueller will present a seminar on anxiety

The center for Parent/Youth Understanding (CPYU) has been a leader in the youth ministry arena for the past 30 years. They've developed training that will help you help your children navigate the tricky terrain that is adolescence. Their latest offering is a seminar titled the "moon" that will explore the complexities of anxiety and depression in adolescents. These topics are especially tricky for parents to deal with, and you can learn how to effectively counsel and parent your children.

CPYU's other notable offerings include a free downloadable report called the "Parents' Guide to Anxiety." The report includes research-backed tips and tricks to address anxiety in teens. It's a must-have for parents and other caregivers. This report will also tell you how to handle teen depression, as well as what to say about self-injury and how to deal with sexualized imagery.