How Does Nicobloc Block Tar As Well As Nicotine?


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NicoBloc claims to block between 33% and 99% of nicotine and tar in the cigarettes you smoke depending on the number of drops you apply.

What is NicoBloc function?

What exactly does NicoBloc do to block nicotine and Tar?

By blocking tar and nicotine, NicoBloc reduces your body's physical dependence and addiction to nicotine even though you're still smoking the same amount of cigarettes each day. This makes it much easier to reduce your cigarette consumption and stop smoking altogether.

On average, a smoker who smokes one pack per day will reduce consumption by 25 percent following each successive week using NicoBloc. If you smoke 20 cigarettes each day, for example, then you may reduce your consumption to 16 per day in week 1, 12 per day by week 2 and 9 per day in week 3, etc.

Despite blocking the tar and nicotine, NicoBloc will not block the flavor or smell of cigarettes. The formula promises that it won't alter the smell or taste of cigarettes. It will still make you feel as if you're smoking cigarettes you love. You can also enjoy the same taste, smell, look, and satisfaction like cigarettes, while also decreasing your dependence on nicotine.

NicoBloc Ingredients

NicoBloc contains the natural components. According to their official site, NicoBloc is a blend of corn syrup, water, citric acid, and food-safe stabilizers.

According to the company, NicoBloc "is completely safe to use as there are no known side effects." There are no chemical ingredients, such as synthetic chemicals, in NicoBloc. Plus, NicoBloc has completed extensive tests to ensure that it is secure and efficient.

NicoBloc was discovered to be 10 times more effective than national average in independent clinical trials, which resulted in 58% of smokers stopping smoking. The other participants decreased their smoking habits by 77%, in the average. The study included 680 participants.

In NicoBloc tests, the smokers reported no change in taste or satisfaction, neither did they experience an increase in cravings or withdrawals. In case where you would like extra resources about nicobloc benefits, continue to read.

Doctors and behavioral therapists who are experts in addiction have faith in NicoBloc and have recommended the product. NicoBloc is a preferred choice by medical professionals due to the fact that it eases withdrawal symptoms. It also helps those who smoke to quit on themselves, increasing the likelihood of long-term sustainable change. The Chief Clinical Officer of NicoBloc is Dr. Gregory Jantz, who affirms that "NicoBloc actually works."

There isn't much information on the internet about the way that corn syrup absorbs the tar. It is believed that corn syrup could absorb tar by physical absorption. The tar gets trapped in the corn syrup's thick layer, which makes it difficult for the tar to pass through the filter to reach your lung.

There is evidence that citric acid may help people stop smoking. In this study from 1993 for instance, researchers found that a citric acid aerosol may successfully cut down smoking among a group of smokers. A study conducted in 1987 found that aerosols of citric acid stimulate the sensations of trachea that are produced by cigarettes smoke, satiating smokers' craving to smoke.

Many e-liquids also use citric acid for a tart flavor. Many contain a concentration of between 5% and 10%, for instance. However, this is used for flavor - not to neutralize the nicotine that is advertised by NicoBloc.

Nevertheless, the makers of NicoBloc believe that their formula can neutralize nicotine and tar and stop the majority of these chemicals from getting into your lungs, making NicoBloc a powerful and popular smoking cessation treatment.

NicoBloc is also patented. The USPTO has granted an invention patent to the device. The patent covers liquids that can completely cover the diameter of a cigarette and contain substances that block smoking nicotine and tar. The patent also mentions corn syrup and potassium sorbate as well as citric acid, coloring, and water. These are the main components of NicoBloc.