Are detox foot pads truly do the trick?


Nuubu Review


Detox foot pads are those that people apply to their feet. They claim that they eliminate heavy metals, waste products and toxins from feet while someone sleeps. We will review the effectiveness of foot pads. We'll also go over their possible side effects as well as benefits, and then we'll review the top detox foot pads on the market.


What are detox feet pads?


Food pads for detox are a type of product that firms claim will remove toxins and impurities by the soles of the feet. They can be applied to your feet before going to bed to can last for a long time.


Are they efficient?

The detox foot pads have not been proved to work. {In fact, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) prohibited the companies behind Nuubu's detox foot pad brand Detox Foot Pad from selling a variety of products following the release of advertisements with false scientific evidence to prove that the pads were effective.

Nuubu claimed their foot pads could eliminate toxic chemicals from the body including:


metabolic waste

thick metals


The body has ways of getting rid of the harmful chemicals. For instance the liver and kidneys remove toxins and waste from the body, and sweat glands also clear these substances as the body sweats.

FTC found no evidence that supports the claim that Detoxing foot pads aid in the elimination of toxins and wastes more effectively.

In the same way, they labeled as "false or unsubstantiated" those claims that foot pads were helpful in the following:








high blood pressure


weight reduction

The effects and benefits


There is no scientific evidence to prove that detox foot pads function as advertised, however, certain ingredients may offer other benefits.


There are a few businesses that sell detox foot pads containing ginger. Because ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, it may help to alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

The foot pads of detox may also contain lavender essential oil. The results of a study showed that lavender patches worked in the reduction of fatigue and improved sleeping quality for those who have self-reported sleeping difficulties.

The people who have some advantages by using detox foot pads may discover that these ingredients aid in helping them sleep and possibly reduce inflammatory conditions or pain.

Risks and adverse effects

A lot of detox foot pads are constructed from bamboo vinegar or even wood. Pyroligneous acid is the main ingredient in the wood vinegar. If it comes into contact with the skin pyroligneous acid can cause burns and irritation. The dizziness may also be caused by vapors.

Some people may also have reactions to allergies to the detox foot pads. Anyone who suffers negative side effects while the use of detox foot pads must stop using them immediately. If they experience difficulty breathing, they should call for emergency help.


There is no evidence to suggest that detox foot pads function. The body naturally removes toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and waste products via its liver, kidneys, and to a lesser degree sweat glands. However, certain ingredients found in the pads of your feet could provide additional advantages. The use of tourmaline lavender, ginger and tourmaline can improve sleep quality and pain management. Other ingredients such as bamboo vinegar or wood may cause irritation to the skin.