ERC Program (Federal dollars distributed to U.S. businesses affected by the pandemics) available only in the U.S. and all U.S. territories. You can Google this too, use "ERC Government Program." If you have doubts about this Government Program , just google ERC Program. It's as real as it gets. 

It's FREE to become a Referral Agent...

ERC Funding Can Be Complicated. We Can Help.
Get up to $26,000 per employee in stimulus funding.



The company we work for is Jorns. The company paid $800k to build software specifically to get higher refunds and omit human error on the application forms.  They receive an average of 20% more, (way less than their fee), averaging $21k per W2 full-time employee.  This is considerably more than other high-level ERC companies.  Most ERC competitors do not have a large staff of CPAs who specialize specifically in ERC refunds, like this company has. 

So, for example, if our firm gets the business $1,000,000 (maybe they have 50(ish) W2 employees), the business gets $800K (that they did "not" have just 10 to 20 or so weeks ago, our firm gets $200K. The CPA firm specializes in these ERC payments (within the CARES ACT), and answers questions the business owners have, and then they close the deal (Note: You do NOT want to let a regular CPA do this very specialized task. That could be very costly, both in their charges and not knowing how to get all the ERC funds they can for the businesses). The CPA company does all the heavy lifting (answer questions, close the deal, acquire the ERC funding. 

The CPA firm charges a $2,600 (100% fully refundable down payment) to start the process. If they cannot get approved, they get their money back, immediately. If they do get approved, and the vast majority do (96%), then they get it back from the 20% fee they'll pay our CPA firm after they receive it. 

So, let me ask you this... how would you like to get paid up to $26K to US businesses for “each” W2 employee? FYI, You can use the money however you need, and there's no payback. It's not a loan, it's money in pocket, from the US Treasury, and we're just the "middleman" so to speak. It is predicted only two years left of Federal ERC money before it is all given to qualified businesses. 

Local business owners want and many need ERC Funding just to stay in business. Well, we can help, at no cost out of your pocket. We hope the 5-minute video and the written content is enough for a business decision. 


ERC Funding Can Be Complicated. We Can Help


Six Misconceptions About Employee Retention Credit Eligibility (Correct)

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It's FREE to become a Referral Agent... and start offering money from the US Treasury to businesses (even churches) in your city. Starting today. Actually, you can offer these ERC funds to businesses anywhere in the USA. Money is not only something local business owners want... Many NEED it just to stay in business. Well, you can help them, at no cost out of your pocket. And, a typical business of 50 employees can collect around $1,000,000 from the Government, and you'd earn about $40K. Plus overrides if you build a team of agents (that is optional).

What if you could potentially earn more in the next 6 to 24 months, than you have made in your lifetime, combined? Potentially much more! Would THIS interest you? Of course, the vast majority of people will NOT make this kind of money, however, what if you could earn even an extra $10K this next year, by connecting our CPA firm to small businesses in your town? And, basically, pretty much all you did was share a 5-minute video from the firm's co-owner with them. Would that interest you?

Here's a real side-hustle you can do in literally a few hours a week, or as much as you want... and it won't conflict with your current job or business in any way.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is true, and it's probably the best income opportunity you or I have seen or will ever see.

So, let me ask you this... how would you like to get paid to give-away up to $26K to US businesses for “each” qualifying W2 employee? FYI, they can use the money however they want, and there's no payback. It's not a loan, it's money in their pocket, a refund, from the US Treasury, and we're just the "middleman" so to speak.

OUR JOB IS SIMPLE... The CPA company we work with does all the heavy lifting (answer questions, closes the deals, acquires the ERC funding, pays us). We simply connect businesses with them. As many as we want. The more we connect, the more we can earn of course.

The program is called ERC (Employee Retention Act)... which was created under the CARES ACT during US business shutdowns, etc. in 2020 and 2021.

The ERC program started with over a TRILLION dollars in the US Treasury, to give out to US businesses. Most of it is still there, waiting to be given to US businesses. Do a Google search, it's as real as it gets.

The company we work for will pay you around “$1,000 per W2 full-time employee if they get the full amount possible offered by the ERC program, of $26K per employee. In most cases it will be less (Jorn's average is around $21K per employee, thus we would normally average earning around $840 on each W2 full-time employee that qualifies).

They (Jorns) have helped over 5,800 businesses get this ERC funding approved since July of 2021 and retrieved over $3.3 billion dollars so far for these US businesses, with much more on its way. One agent with this company has already earned over $50 million dollars in his first 12 months. Not a typo. This of course is NOT typical. Hard to believe, right? Many others are earning very substantial commissions and bonuses as well. A couple of referral agents have even earned high 6 figures and even 7+ figures in a "week." (Note: Most people will not earn this kind of money, but it's possible).

The "Software" Makes a Big Difference... The company we work with spent $500,000 to build software (that helps their staff of CPAs) get the most money they can for the businesses (even non-profits), which averages around $21K per full-time W2 employee. They are seeing about 96% of businesses who apply for the ERC money, get approved. The average ERC funds that other accounting firms get from their clients is about $12K to $17K per employee, one reportedly is only $5,500, which obviously pales in comparison.

WHERE Do Our Commissions Come From? It's simple. Our CPA firm specializes in ERC funding, and gets more to the business owner than virtually all other CPA firms who do ERC funding. That's where our proprietary software comes into play, also. We even have many CPA firms bringing their clients to us to process their ERC documents. Our firm gets a 20% fee from the ERC funds the business gets. We earn 4% of the total funds that the government pays them, before our CPA firm takes their 20%. So, for example, if our firm gets the business $1,000,000 (maybe they have 50(ish) W2 employees), the business gets $800K (that they did "not" have just 10 to 20 or so weeks ago), our firm gets $200K, and you as the referring agent would get $40K for the referral commission. The CPA firm charges a $2,600 (100% fully refundable down payment) to start the process. They tried it for free, but the businesses were not getting their needed paperwork to our company very fast, so they decided to charge and it's working out much better. It's "not" an issue as you may be thinking. If they cannot get approved, they get their money back, immediately. If they do get approved, and the vast majority do (96%), then they get it back from the 20% fee they'll pay our CPA firm after they receive the funds from the US Treasury.

So, for example, if you find a company that has 100 employees, and they got the average our CPA firm usually gets ($21K) for each employee, you would earn around $84K in commissions for your referral. It's really a rather simple sale. If you can call it a sale. lol. Again, the CPA firm closes all deals for us. We basically just refer businesses to them. Could our part really get any easier? Seriously. And, why wouldn't virtually every eligible business want to take this money? Compare this to selling a $50 lotion or potion. That's a lot harder!

GET THIS... The CPA firm pays us 20% of our earnings upfront (out of their own pockets) shortly after they first know the business will indeed receive funds. This could be between 3 and 8 weeks from the inception of the business first applying for ERC funds with us. So, if your 4% commissions will be $20K, then you will get $4K upfront "before" the government pays out to the business. Then you'll get the other 80% due you shortly after the ERC pays the business. This also pays upline in the compensation plan.

Again, this is real, and it won't interfere with your current job or business. Just put in a few hours a week (or a day) if and when you want. You can drop off cards or flyers in-person to local businesses, call them, text and email them, send postcards, join the local Chamber, Business MeetUp groups, advertise, etc. Start by calling the business owners you know. Ask friends for referrals.

Keep in mind... you're not selling them anything. You are simply asking them if you can help them get free money from the US Treasury thru the ERC program!! Then share a 5-minute video from one of the owners that makes the presentation for you.

TEAM COMMISSIONS and BONUSES... By the way, there is also an optional team referral program... where you can earn a commission on the commissions of those you refer who also give-away this government money. This pays up to 5-tiers deep, plus additional bonuses and a company-wide revenue sharing pool. Even though you can get paid on the business you refer to the company (at no cost to you), there is a nominal yearly fee if you want to participate in the team referral program. You'll also get to use this team page (no cost) to help you build a team, plus marketing materials and ideas, a team Facebook page to help you, and more like our resource page (only for those who join our team).

This is a simple business and a fantastic opportunity you really should learn more about. Actually... GET INVOLVED WITH!! Why wouldn't you?
Disclaimer: This is an independent agent website. We cannot and do not make any income guarantees. This is a great opportunity with real potential, not a get-rich-quick-scheme. You may not make a dime. But you could make life-changing money.


Q and A to help you understand this opportunity a little more
Jorns & Associates Specializes In Helping OrganizationsGet The Maximum Credit Possible Per Employee.Top 10 “Misunderstandings” About the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

I can’t claim ERC if I’ve already received a PPP loan.
Now you can claim both! Congress, in the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) of 2021, removed the limitation on only claiming one or the other. PPP will only account for 2.5 times your monthly payroll expenses and is meant to be spread out over 6 months. This leaves plenty of uncovered wage expenses for claiming ERC.

My business did not have a drop in gross receipts of 50% or more.
The CAA has changed the qualifications so that a reduction of 20% now qualifies. BUT remember there are also many other ways to qualify for the ERC, one of them is if your business has been subject to a partial or full suspension due to a government order – see the next point.

My business was not shut down during the pandemic.
Even a partial suspension order by the government (federal, state or local) of your business could potentially qualify. The key considerations are – due to the government ordered partial (or full) suspension is/was your business not able to continue its activities in a comparable manner, and did that result in a more than nominal impact on business operations. The partial or full suspension is an alternative way to qualify for the ERC - separate from the reduction in gross receipts test.

My company was deemed an essential business, so I do not qualify because of business suspension.
Even if your business is deemed essential, an impact or change in your business may still qualify you. For example, even if you were open but your vendors were closed down or you can’t go to a client’s job site, you may still qualify. Or if part of your business was considered non-essential and was impacted by a government-ordered suspension – you may also qualify. The scenarios discussed above in number 3 could apply here as well.

My company grew during the pandemic, I will not qualify.
Overall growth is only a small factor, there are many other qualifying factors in the current guidance.

We were in losses or do not have any tax liability.
This is a refundable credit. In practice, this means that any credit overage above tax liability is sent to the taxpayer/business owner as a refund.

My company has grown to over 500 employees, so we're not eligible for the ERC.
The employee count restriction is based on full time equivalent (FTE) employees, which is a more involved calculation than just counting everyone in the office. We helped a business with 640 employees and the FTE calculation put them at under 500. Furthermore, if you paid any employees to NOT work, or to work less than the hours for which they were paid, then the employee count restriction would not apply for those employees.

I’m a charity, and the ERC is only for businesses.
The ERC also may provide significant benefit to charities – churches, nonprofit hospitals, museums, etc. Charities can be particularly good candidates for the ERC.

I'll have our bookkeeper file for the ERC.
To avoid headaches and heartaches down the road, businesses, churches, and nonprofits need to have expert counsel to properly and fully document how the business qualifies for the ERC. Determining the amount of credit you can claim is not nearly as simple as the PPP, and that's why you need a CPA that specializes in the Employee Retention Credit.
Asking your bookkeeper or staff member to apply will likely be a nightmare for them and for you. The IRS directives are complex, and many CPAs are not even equipped to handle your ERC unless that is their specialty.

How Would You Like to Get Paid 4, 5, possibly 6 Figures, and Potentially Even 7 Figures in the Next Year or So?

Sounds Crazy, right? But think about it... What business wouldn't want this money? And, most need it as well. Together, along with the ERC program, we can help many businesses. For example, a small business of even 15 employees can get as much as $390K, from the US Government's "ERC" (Employee Retention Credit) program. And, even better... they do not have to pay it back; and can use the money for whatever they want.

No matter WHAT job or business you work now... you owe it to yourself to review this incredible information below.

Once you understand that this is the "real deal," and the extreme potential, you'll most likely get very excited and want to join with our team. Even just putting in 3 to 5 hours weekly (Of actual work. Relax, it's fairly simple stuff. lol), as your "Plan B / Side Hustle," so to speak... you could potentially crush this, and possibly earn more than a full-time job. Potentially (but realistically) much more. Of course, there are no guarantees, as most reading this will not do the actual work needed to earn the potential income from referring businesses.

And, the great thing is... this 5-minute video, and the large CPA firm we work with (who specializes in these ERC payments)... answers questions the business owners have, and which basically helps close the deals for us. All we as agents are doing is "referring" the business to our CPA firm (Note: Businesses do NOT want to let a regular CPA do this very specialized task. That could be very costly, both in their charges and not knowing how to get all the ERC funds they can for the businesses). You do not need to be "Super Salesman" to make BANK here, starting today at no cost to you.

Why YOU Should Make the Time for This... Well, because THIS is real. And, it's SUPER SIMPLE to actually do. On the contrary, so many home-bizopp people think their business or MLM deal is the best thing since sliced bread, that it's going to pay-off big-time... yet (historically and statistically) 95% of the time… THEY NEVER DO!! They jump from one bizopp to another, always touting it's the best ever, yet they never seem to make much money, but rather lose money, time, and integrity. Even friends. How sad. Many of these are new startup deals, and 95%+ of them fail.

Stop falling for these again and again!! PLEASE!! One reason is that their products or services are priced so low. It takes a lot of people on your team to make a living on a $25 product. Most people usually lose money and worse yet, time. Is that you?

Let's be honest... the majority of these people are just lazy, and/or they have flashy object syndrome, and move from one deal to the next as often as they change their underwear. Or, they just never seem to, get started. They're always going to get rich with their "latest" deal, yet never do, even after a couple of dozen of these so-called life- changing opportunities, and 20 years later. They are known as "junkies." I know, I was one for many years. Of course, there are exceptions, but far and few between.

If This is YOU... Stop That Insanity today!! It really is crazy!! You're wasting precious TIME! Can you afford to continually do that?

THIS OPPORTUNITY... on the other hand, can change all that, rather quickly.

Let me encourage you to...

Take a Breath!!

THINK about what you learned in the video above, and read on this page.

Then, if you like what you learn (and you should)... Take MASSIVE ACTIONS!!












































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