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We don't just want your money for nothing read on.
Q. Why are you asking for donations?
A. We need help in paying our mortgage.

Q. Do we gain anything in return for the donation?
A. We give you 1 month banner promotion for every $1 you donate.

Q. Why are you doing this?
A. My husband has C.O.P.D (Lung disease) and can no longer work due to ill health.

Q. How Much have you left to pay in your mortgage?
A. We have 14,847 and we pay 234.87 on 1st of the month plus Donations we get and update this figure.

Q. What type of banner can we use?
A. Preferably a 125x125 banner but we will consider a 468x60 one too.

Q. How can we pay you?
A. We use ether Paypal, Paypal.me, Btc, Coinpayments, Tron, Trx, Ltc just now but we will maybe try for Stripe.


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