Cents for Freedom Launched March 20.

Cents for Freedom uses a 4x1 Company Forced Matrix.  A company forced matrix needs a lot of purchases to do well or it will stall.  Members that purchase a lot of positions on a regular basis will do very well.  I will be outlining the strategy used by the top income earners.  The members that purchase just one $2 sub may regret that decision.

This is a subscription based system.  The cost of each subscription is $2.  Each subscription will auto purchase you 20 positions into the matrix for a period of 20 days (1 position per day per subscription).    The more subscriptions you purchase the more positions per day you will have in the matrix.  For example, if you purchase 5 subscriptions the system will automatically purchase you 5 positions in the matrix per day for 20 days.

Ignore the Total Paid stats on the site.  No one has been paid.  The script is treating internal transfers as amount paid.  Its a minor bug in the script stats and does not affect the operation of the program.  The Total Paid stats is displaying incorrect information.

Make sure you have deposited your funds before launch.

Deposit Funds

In order to purchase a subscription you will need to first deposit the funds.  The cost is $2 per subscription.

Payeer, Bitcoin and Perfect Money is accepted for deposits.

Purchase Subscriptions

You can purchase when the site timer reaches 0. 

Click on Purchase Positions(s) from the Position Menu.  This will submit your subscription purchase and use the funds from your account balance.

Best Strategy

Since this is a Company Forced Matrix you will want to purchase as many positions as possible to be placed in the top of the matrix.

The best strategy will be the 5-Day Plan.  The members that follow this plan will be the top income earners.

Make sure you are logged in at 11 am EST on March 20.  This is when the purchases will open.  You can check the site timer.

Day 1
Purchase 5 subscriptions.

Day 2
Purchase 5 subscriptions.

Day 3
Purchase 5 subscriptions.

Day 4
Purchase 5 subscriptions.

Day 5
Purchase 5 subscriptions.

Day 6 and Onward
Take 20% of your earnings and purchase new subscriptions.  Do this on every day you have earnings.


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