I was asked this question on my website by a reader. WHAT IS THAT DREAM GOAL THAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE BEFORE YOU DIE? My answer was my dream goal is to have ZEEKA CHRONICLES made into a movie or a TV Series. ZEEKA CHRONICLES: REVENGE OF ZEEKA by Author Brenda Mohammed, a multi-award winning science-fiction novel inspired by the recent scare of the zika virus, set in the year 2036, where zombies and robots take centre stage, will blow your mind. It is a mind-blowing, bold, and original 'other world' book to capture your imagination. You will be taken on a futuristic journey into the year 2036. The highly imaginative tales within would keep you spellbound. Zeeka and The Zombies is the first episode in the five spine-chilling episodes set on an imaginary Caribbean island called Gosh in the year 2036. Zeeka and the Zombies serve as an introduction to this mind-boggling series. Integrated into the mystery is a love story as well as a family drama. The combination of these three aspects in this collection makes it an exciting read. Persons who enjoy detective novels, romance fiction, or science fiction will love this book. The main character in Zeeka and the Zombies is Raynor Sharpe, a gynecologist who works at the main hospital on the island. He, together with the hospital's director and another doctor, Mark, were working at the hospital twenty years before when an outbreak of the zika virus occurred. The hospital delivered fifty-one stillborn babies from pregnant women who were infected with the virus during their pregnancy. However, it turned out that the babies were not buried but were, in fact, taken by someone evil, injected with a serum to bring them to life, and turned into programmable zombies, with the exception of nine which were flesh-eating ones. The secret is revealed when one of the zombies, Number Nine, appeared at the hospital, having been sent by the vengeful and evil Master Zeeka, to survey the scene so that he could attack the hospital in the future. But was he a real zombie? In the meantime, Raynor's love interest, Janet, also a doctor at the same hospital, told Raynor that she is engaged and plans to marry another doctor. She sent out invitations to all her colleagues, including Raynor. Raynor was always secretly in love with Janet but had never proposed to her although he had bought an engagement ring intending to do so. The plot thickens when the wedding invitation reveals that Janet's fiancé is Dr. Jason Stephens, who the police suspect of being Master Zeeka. Jason calls off the engagement with Janet and disappears. Raynor finally proposes to Janet and she gladly accepts. The police cannot find Master Zeeka, but Raynor and his new bride enjoy a magnificent honeymoon. The story continues in Zeeka's Child. The search for Master Zeeka intensifies. It turns out that the main suspect, Jason Stephens, is actually innocent. The real culprit is revealed and is a person who had kidnapped Jason when he was a child. Jason is Raynor’s older brother, Dr. Steven Sharpe who returns and reunites with his brother. Steven is the real hero in the series. Steven marries Mandy, Janet’s older sister. The police force launches a massive hunt for the real killer. In the third installment Zeeka Returns, the police hunt down the real killer and the nine flesh-eating zombies that accompany him in the jungle. These scenes are full of suspense and tension as we wonder whether the police officers would capture Master Zeeka or whether the zombies will destroy them. It turns out, however, that he is eventually captured, not by the police, but by Miranda, a beautiful female robot who had been employed by Raynor and Janet. Zeeka commits suicide while in custody. Just when you thought the story was over Zeeka returns in Zeeka's Ghost: Revenge of Zeeka 4. Zeeka is back but not how you expect. Unresolved issues, regrets, love, and a ghost, with the right mix of startling plot twists, makes this story a thrilling read. Who would want to kidnap Mandy, and why? Can Steven save her from the clutches of the kidnappers in time? A questionable character returns from one of the previous books in Resurrection: Revenge of Zeeka 5. He causes even more disarray in the lives of Steven and Mandy. Dr. Steven Sharpe's reputation is on the line when he attempts an unimaginable cure to help a man desperate for a new life. One more burning question is answered in this episode. The identity of Number Nine is revealed. This story closes Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka series on a high note. The many twists and turns in this series make it exciting, thrilling and suspenseful. Here is the latest Review on Amazon by an Australian Reviewer: “A reviewer said: "An entertaining read filled with suspense. A science-fiction story with lingering themes on human flaws and goodness. As a teacher/student this would make a great comparative study to Frankenstein or Shakespeare's plays, with love, lies, and revenge as persistent human traits. Set in 2036 the unnerving accuracy of being in an era where we encounter robots as part of our daily lives takes the reader on a journey through time where human values, some negative and some are imperative to the improvement of the human condition. If you're not a zombie fan, this book will draw you --destined to shock and delight." N.B. Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka was an award winner in the Category Young Adult Thriller in Readers Favorite International Awards 2018, winner in Science Fiction in SIBA Awards2017, winner of the gold award in the category science fiction in Connections EmagazineReaders' Choice Awards 2018, and winner in the top ten finalists for science-fiction in the Author Academy Global Awards 2018. DO YOU BELIEVE DREAMS CAN COME TRUE? READ THE BOOK ON AMAZON.

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