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A Desk on The Top

How many ap-plication windows have you got open through your regular computer work? If it's just one, you might stop reading at this point. If, nevertheless, you do have a litter of windows on your computer desktop - go no more, you've just found the answer!

Windows supplies a easy way to access programs and documents you use often by putting strategies to your computer desktop. These strategies are fast to press, but imagine if you have a window or two along with your desk-top? Minimizing or getting around an energetic window to access your desk-top might appear a great option for a time, but imagine if you work with more than only one or two applications? Those secret icons are covered well enough to get you to spend a while to decrease or go away every window that prevents desk-top access.

OKAY, probably desk-top short-cuts aren't that good a concept after all. Let's open that sam-e short-cut from the Windows Start menu! Press Start, select All Programs, and find the application you were seeking. Click here get empower network to explore where to flirt with this view. Slow, isn't it? I told you.

Wait, listed here is the Show Desktop button! Let's press it! Great, you can view the desktop and start your secret. Rapidly? Yes! But hi, where are your windows? Those multiple programs you had been using for work? They're reduced. Let us decide to try the Desk-top button once again... No. It minimized the window you have just opened. I-t only worked until you really began the secret. Identify new info on our favorite partner site by going to business opportunity. To restore your other windows, begin to see the beginning of the article - minimize, minimize, minimize, and restore, restore, restore. Slow and dull.

DESKonTOP by eventually solves the puzzle. To launch a short-cut from your desktop simply click DESKonTOP image near the system clock, and you'll see a little copy of one's desktop with all techniques and symbols. You are able to easily launch a short-cut from there, and that is it! No need to decrease or move windows around. No need for Start selection pursuit. For more information, please check-out: buy here. No playing hide-and-seek together with your windows. In the event people claim to learn more about total shortcut, there are many databases people could investigate. All it takes is one click on DESKonTOP icon, and one more click to launch a secret!

DESKonTOP will enlarge it to show you the full-size model of the icon and its text label, allowing you to obviously see and press the shortcut without training your sniper skills, after the mouse cursor is over an icon.

However find it difficult to use the little symbols around the paid down content of your desktop? Not a problem! DESKonTOP is commonly tailor-made, enabling you to fine-tune the looks of the mini-desktop just how you like it. Larger symbols or text labels? Special back ground? Little copy of your real desktop? All that and a whole lot more is possible with DESKonTOP. If you don't just like a mini-desktop, consider switching to menu function, and DESKonTOP can present your entire desk-top techniques as menu items.

Save time and eliminate screen mess with DESKonTOP. Acquire your free evaluation copy now: