The Journaling of Silver 356

When Is An Autoresponder Not An Autoresponder?

You may, if you are new to online marketing

be wondering...

'What the heck is an autoresponder'?

Needless to say, a number of the old hats out there

reading this may scoff at that problem.

They will LITERALLY say:

'SCOFF! An autoresponder is a system that

Routinely sends out messages to your prospects!


Well, they're right. An auto-responder does,

In reality, quickly deliver pre-written e-mails

out to people in a timely fashion.


(And it is a big 'but! ~'~~)

An autoresponder is really much, much more

than just a program that sends out messages.

It's actually...


Lemme give a quick breakdown to you in web site

traffic to spell out what I mean... To check up additional information, please check-out: here.

See, there are 3 varieties of site visitors...

You'll find first-time visitors.

You will find continual visitors.

And then there are ADDICTS.

Fans and recurring readers can very nearly

ALWAYS get more of that which you need to provide

than first time visitors. My co-worker discovered aweber review by searching newspapers.

So in order to grow both of these forms

of visitors, marketers want to build

TOWNS around their products and services and company.

You have heard of sites, message boards, and

Information internet sites, right?

These are typical community building tools

designed to make continual visitors

and lovers.

But do you know what?



To quote Martin Lawrence:

'BELIEVE that'!

See, a lot of people use their autoresponders


And the worst part is - they do not even know

they're carrying it out.

Blogs, message boards, and information web sites

Possess the disadvantage of needing people

So that you can succeed to come back for them.

Emails are very different.

Emails get STRAIGHT to the people.

You actually lure a dog closer to you with an item

of food?

Well, imagine the e-mail is really a bit of food,

and your potential consumer is the dog.

You can make an effort to get the dog come

For you to have the food...

Or it is possible to throw the food to your dog.

In both situations, you are planning to get

the dog's confidence. But one is MUCH FASTER

than the other. To compare more, please check-out: getresponse email.

Ultimately canine you toss the meals to

Begins coming to you, while the other

dog will always be somewhat skeptical.

Exactly the same will also apply to e-mail.

Therefore an excellent autoresponder will get you exposure

For your clients, but more importantly, it

Will start to DEVELOP A RELATIONSHIP together!

And I want to tell you something: Customer

Relationships are IMPERATIVE to trying to sell!

The client can get to know you, get to know

your products, and become familiar with your business.

And in the course of time, be it 2 days later or 2 years

later, they will ULTIMATELY buy.

Now, imagine if every visitor to-your

Web site joins your autoresponder.

Because of your auto-responder collection, I'm ready

to guess that at least 20%-60% of these to become

Continual visitors.

Should you, and of that, perhaps one hundred thousand become ADDICTS

Add a weblog or message board in-to your


That is when things get REALLY fun.

But make no mistake about it: It all depends on

The way you create your autoresponder routine!

Take action right, you produce a community of buyers

around your organization.

Get it done wrong, and you are only wasting your time

and money.

That is why I produced the E-mail Rebel class.

To show you the proper way to make an

autoresponder series, and use your autoresponder

to create the sort of group you need.

It's chock-full of true, HELPFUL tips

That could really benefit your company.

Understand: I'm very unhappy with a great deal

of products-that are on the market.

They're only movie of talking heads in a class

Area, or mindless interviews with nothing new

to offer. We discovered privacy by searching Bing.

And how many power-point demonstration do we need?


That's why the E-mail Rebel course is DIFFERENT

from all the other stuff you-see.

Until next time...

Rappin' Matt.