The Journaling of Silver 356

The Activities Line

Its been an excellent, bad and ugly sort of week for me.

I hit the trifecta at Pimlico--thats good.

My Little League kids went 0-3 with Coach Reavy in attendance--thats poor. Browse here at to learn the meaning behind this enterprise.

And Wednesday night, upon hearing of the truth decline of my dawg, Elliot Yamin, I was both sad to hear the news and disappointed in the understanding that I had just watched 12 direct attacks of American Idol, comprising two months--thats...well, you receive the point.

Fortunately for me, but, the sports world is never without its good, bad and ugly times also.

Listed here are the high (and low )lights of-the week thats handed.

The Good:

Barry Bonds 714th homerun ball--for Tyler Snyder, it was caught by the guy who. Surely the eBay--er, Bay Area-- devoted are pleased with their slugger, and might even open up their checkbooks to make a bid for that traditional blast. But, if you ask me, nothing tells the tale more beautifully than these four words uttered by Tyler, the soon-to-be rich Athletics lover (due to Bonds), after the game: I hate that man.

The NBA playoffs. As the highlight of my basketball season is undoubtedly the NBA draft, I cant help but marvel at the fantastic series that have been performed up to this time. It surely has made me forget the NHL is o-n strike. For supplementary information, please consider having a gander at: (Editors note: Kevin doesnt receive the OLN channel.)

After falling five straight, the Phillies finally won.

The Bad:

After losing five directly, the Phillies finally won.

Cubs catcher, Michael Barrett, punched AJ Pierzynski after having a collision at home plate. This is a bad thing only because I believe when giving the blow Barrett might have injured his hand.

NBC began broadcast episodes of-the National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Had ESPN not made a decision to air approximately 300 episodes of World Series of Poker competitions on a continuing cycle on ESPN channels 1thru 6 this might be described as a positive thing. This would be cool if the World Poker Tour and Celebrity Poker Who Gives a Crap werent already force-feeding its addictive felt-and-clay-chip ample appeal down my throat.Instead, its overkill. Not because I hate seeing poker shows o-n TV, but because I watch all of them. And I want my life back.

The Ugly:

Just one thing...

Kobes dress on 'Inside the NBA' last Wednesday. To get different ways to look at the situation, we understand you check out: webaddress. Since nothing says street cred such as a powder-blue sweater vest.


Which will do it because of this days version of The Sports Column. this week easily can steer clear of the TiVo-limit store em barrage, Ill attempt to watch out for the most effective stories for the next time. I discovered by browsing Google.

Until then, enjoy the information as it occurs..