What should I do to process Grooved Plywood


The quality of Grooved Plywood is the most critical factor determining the survival of every building formwork factory. Only by producing high-quality products can we continue to have more returning customers.To get more news about commercial plywood, you can visit boosterplywood.com official website.

First of all, the selection of Grooved Plywood materials and sizes are in line with the standards, such as inspection through the storage and inspection of the wood plywood factory certificate and test report. Appearance quality inspection standards: no decay, mildew, bubbling, no There are board edge defects and fluff, the degumming of the veneer per square meter is not more than 0.001m2, and the pollution area per square meter is not more than 0.005m2. The specification and size standards include length detection, width detection, angle difference detection and warpage detection.

Secondly, when Grooved Plywood factory produces plywood formwork, its production process is also carried out according to very strict specifications. For example, the manufacture of columns, beam bottoms, beam tops, and square wood back corrugations must be manufactured according to the specified distance to avoid excessive The rigidity of thin and formwork cannot cause lateral deformation and overall instability, and excessive density will result in waste of materials. The manufacture of column and beam formwork shall be manufactured according to the column number, beam number, and classification number of the drawing. Before the formwork is cut, calculate the modulus and play it well. The ink line is then cut and manufactured. When the template is cut, the cutting modulus should be calculated in advance to avoid the waste of materials. All small-diameter alloy steel saw blades should be used to achieve the cutting quality of the template. When the mold is matched, all seams should be planed and seamed. Use it directly after opening. Regarding the spliced ??small pieces, it is forbidden to cut on the whole template, and all scattered small pieces are cut and spliced.

Special attention should be paid to the quality problems that may occur in the production process of Grooved Plywood. Due to the selection of high-quality raw materials, the accuracy of the processing equipment, the skilled technicians, the strong sense of responsibility and strict management, such checks at every level will naturally produce excellent quality Grooved Plywood product.