Ultion Nuki is a savvy smart lock for safety


Precision-engineered and fitted with the latest smart home technology, the Ultion Nuki smart lock is ultra secure and designed for easy installation. To get more news about wifi smart lock, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

Ultion, a leading UK security brand, has teamed up with Europe's top smart lock supplier, Nuki, to design the new Ultion Nuki specifically for safeguarding British doors. It is protected by state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption that's used in online banking, and if suspicious activity or tampering is detected it will automatically go into lockdown mode to ensure the door is securely kept shut.

When we think about the safety and security of our homes, it's that extra peace of mind that we want and with this stringent, up-to-date technology and reassurance we can rest easy.

"By combining a dedicated lock trusted by British locksmiths and awarded 3-Star Plus Diamond Sold Secure status, with a Nuki unit given the highest possible rating for IT security by Germany's respected AV-Test GmbH Institute, Ultion Nuki is a smart lock you can trust," commented Nick Dutton, CEO at Brisant-Secure.
A one-model-fit-all solution, the lock is compatible with Ring, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, AirBnB, the Nuki app, and smartwatches. This means there's no need to replace it even if you decide to switch smart home platforms.

By installing multiple Ultion Nuki, you can centrally lock all the doors in your house or premises with one simple instruction through your preferred smart platform. Also, with its sleek, engineered design, it can be retrofitted to existing doors or added to new ones without the fuss of drilling, wiring, or calibration - and installation to operation can be completed in just five minutes!

The latest generation of smart locks is, finally, reliable. That means you can install a connected gadget in your front door and enjoy the benefits-features like fingerprint identification, remote access, video monitoring, even special codes for Airbnb guests-without worrying about something going haywire and getting locked out of your own house. It may be time to say goodbye to your keys forever.

With voice-command functionality and the ability to grant access to friends, August's smart lock is fully evolved-and also the easiest of those tested to install. (It took 15 minutes.) Because the device replaces only the inside part of your existing dead bolt, there's no need to swap out perfectly calibrated hardware that already works.

Best for Those Who Still Want a Key

Although you can open the door with a tap of your finger, the Kevo also protects you with the same encryption protocols that banks use to thwart hackers. The optional WiFi bridge ($100) allows remote access, but this isn't just for techies: It's also easy to use with a key.