The Rose sex toy is a TikTok sensation for a reason


It's the appearance of the floral-shaped vibrator known aptly as the Rose Toy (or the rose sex toy) that will first get your attention - and probably, at least in part, what's enabled it to go viral on TikTok over the past year.To get more news about 观看6080, you can visit our official website.

But it's this elegant, unassuming sucking vibrator's rumbly power that's really got people talking. In a clip with 3.9 million views, one user testifies that it got her off in 30 seconds. Other similarly enthusiastic videos can be found under the hashtags #TheRoseToy and #TheRoseReview.

There's no one toy that these users seem to be talking about; several brands, including Adorime, Lovehoney, and V for Vibes, offer their own iteration of the rose vibrator. The one I got to try out, however, was the Rose Toy Official, which - like the other clit vibrators in the rose-vibrator family - looks like a stemless rose (it comes in red, pink, purple, blue, or black for those who enjoy goth vibes), with a hole in the middle of the petals that cups your clitoris and sucks on it.
Modest in size and made of medical-grade silicone, the Rose Toy has seven suction modes: three that provide continuous clitoral stimulation at different levels, and four that stop and start with different speeds and rhythms. You can turn the rechargeable product on and off and cycle through all the patterns with just one little button.

I'm not the biggest fan of patterns, so I used the continuous setting on the highest vibration level. And man, is it powerful. Almost immediately, my vaginal muscles started contracting, almost like little mini orgasms, building up to a big one.
To see if the toy lived up to the claims made on TikTok, I tried it again while timing myself with my phone. It didn't quite get me off in 30 seconds, but it did in just a minute. And then again in a minute and a half. And then again in another minute. Needless to say, I can't complain. It's kind of addictive.

In all fairness, other suction toys-like the Satisfyer Pro 2, the Womanizer, and Lelo's Sona Cruise- have also been able to get me off about this quickly, but even within the suction vibrator family, I'd have to say this one is among the most efficient. Not to mention, it's a pro at delivering multiple climaxes.

The Rose Toy Official site also sells a version of the rose sex toy with a stem, of sorts: The rose attaches to a tube with a dildo on the other side, so it basically looks like a rose with a penis. Hot.

The dildo isn't super large but was big enough to make my vagina feel filled up, and I was able to angle it to hit my G-spot while also using the rose on my clit. The orgasm that resulted felt like it was coming from somewhere deeper than usual; even though the clitoral attachment pushed me over the edge, the internal part engaged my vaginal muscles.

So, is the rose toy worth the hype? I can't speak to the other brands, but if we're talking about the Rose Toy Official, I'd say so. If you're looking for a pick-me-up while you're working from home (one that's so quick, nobody will have any idea you've left your computer), this is definitely an option-and an aesthetically pleasing one at that.