Magicycle Factory Information

Magicycle is owned by Magicycle INC and was founded by Wade Wei in 2020. Based in Chongqing China, Wade specialises in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing. Wade's inspiration in creating Magicycle came from his father's arthritis. His long-term aspiration was to help those with health problems like his father to enjoy cycling effortlessly. To get more news about tektro aries, you can visit official website.
Magicycle was established with 11 years of experience in bicycle production and R&D centres in Europe and China serving product design and OEM services for other brands importers such as in Japan, Europe, Australia and North America.To get more news about sr suntour sp12 ncx seatpost, you can visit official website.

We are devoted to bringing China's best manufacturing technology for electric bikes around the world. Long gone are the days of the stigma attached to "Made in China" associated with cheap quality or poor technology. We promise you will get the top-quality products, the best customer service and an affordable price.To get more news about himiway cruiser, you can visit official website.
In 2010, we moved into our new, purpose-built factory in Wuxi. Our production department in Wuxi, China, covers an area of 10,000 square metres, with 150 employees, and an annual output over 300,000 units. We have the finest manufacturing equipment in the industry, and have expertise in the latest technology, such as smart welding machine, electrostatic painting machine from, wheel rim calibration equipment from Taiwan, etc. Our E-bikes are made with hydroforming production, the same method is used in the automotive and aerospace industries to create a stronger, more defined aluminium final product. Our packaging is carefully selected to the right thickness to ensure the best protection your ebike.
Each E-bike must go through rigorous quality control so we can deliver high quality, safe and reliable e-bikes.
Tests we follow before the e-bike is packaged.We also have placed strict COVID-19 procedures at our factories in Wuxi and Poland. Our teams are required to wear masks and always abide social distancing. We have adapted our facilities and processes to ensure that we keep our people and customers safe.
Welcome to visit Magicycle factory. Our factory is just 12km away from Wuxi International airport and 30km From Wuxi railway station. If you need, we can even come pick you up from the airport or railway station.