Local police department raising money for new bulletproof vests


The Citronelle Police Department is looking to not only protect the community but also protect themselves. Joey Dumas is raising money to supply Citronelle police with bulletproof vests- something, he said, is a great need.To get more news about best bullet proof vest, you can visit bulletproofboxs.com official website.

Dumas has always supported law enforcement, and when he discovered Citronelle lacked adequate vests, he went to work.

Chief Mike McClean of the Citronelle Police Department says that replacing vests is critical as their current vests are worn out and no longer fit officers correctly. Plus, they are simply old.

"Smaller departments don't have the funding that some of the larger departments have and we want our officers safe. They're our last line of defense oftentimes from the criminal elements in society," stated Dumas.

You know, technology has advanced especially when it comes to bulletproof vests. They have gotten lighter and thinner and they aren't as bulky or heavy," said McClean.

McClean views bulletproof vests as the highest priority for every officer.

"This is an extremely, very vital piece of equipment, more important than a patrol car that you drive in or a weapon that you carry on your side. We just want to make sure that officers are provided with the best equipment out there and they're able to go home to their families at night once their shift is over with," McClean added.

The Citronelle Police Department needs 11 new vests. They range in price from 500 to 1 thousand dollars a piece, so the cost could be close to 11 thousand dollars. That's why they are depending on the community for support."It's extremely important to make sure that our officers are protected so they can protect us. I mean, the very reason why we are able to go to sleep at night and not worry is because some officer, that is someone's dad, brother, sister, father, child... you know, they are just like me and you," added Dumas.