Japanese AV Actress Becomes 1st Confirmed Covid-19 Patient In Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit many industries hard. Even with everything slowly returning to normal, there are activities and jobs that shouldn't be operating yet. You'd think one of them would be filming adult videos (AV).To get more news about 欧美中文综合, you can visit our official website.

Japanese AV actress Mikako Abe (あべみかこ) recently contracted Covid-19 and had to halt all gigs. The 27-year-old was diagnosed on 27th April and is currently being quarantined at home.According to a Taiwanese AV expert on "Play No.1", Mikako Abe is the first AV actress in Japan to publicly confirm she has contracted the virus. So far, she is the only AV actress who has been officially confirmed. There were rumours previously of others in the Japanese AV industry contracting the deadly virus. However, the agencies announced that only a few of the male actors and staff had been infected.

The expert added that according to the news they received, Mikako's agency and film studio are currently trying to trace people who had been in contact with her. They hope to prevent the spread of the virus, but the expert said, "It's hard to prevent it."
He explained that as Mikako was involved in many films, the spread would be quickened as those who had been in contact with her would continue to make other films. "In my opinion, it's not good to think about it," the expert stated. He pointed out that those who have been diagnosed can only be quarantined at their homes. There's not much else they can do.

"Is it possible for the actors to wear masks when they perform?" the expert asked. "Would anyone watch it?" Already knowing the answer to his rhetorical questions, the expert added, "So, I can only look forward to God blessing the AV industry."