Eufy Smart Lock opens with the touch of your finger


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I've used smart deadbolt locks for almost 10 years now, and I love the convenience of being able to punch in a code to unlock my front door.The lock that's been on my door now is the fourth one I've tried, and I like it, but there are some features I wish it had and some features I never use.The biggest knock on the Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch is that it does not have Wi-Fi.

This may or may not be a big deal to you.Smart locks with Wi-Fi can be locked and unlocked from your phone, even if you are across the country.You can also configure the lock when you are away from home, perhaps to add a code for a temporary user such as a handyman or dog sitter.

Wi-Fi smart locks can also tell a user when the door is locked or unlocked during the day.Finally, no Wi-Fi means no integration with Amazon's Alexa or Google Home, so there's no voice control or ability to combine opening the door with other automations like turning on lights.

While those are cool features, I really don't use them. I'm looking for a door lock that opens easily without a key. My previous locks used a keypad to unlock, which was nice, but the Smart Lock Touch adds a fingerprint reader that I love.

Instead of Wi-Fi, the Eufy Smart Lock Touch interacts with your phone via a Bluetooth connection, which means within 50 feet or so.When I first installed my first smart lock all those years ago, I was a little hesitant to leave the house without a house key. If I went for a walk, I'd grab my keys and phone and lock the door.

As I got used to unlocking with a passcode, I became more confident and started leaving the house without a key for my walks. I'm not saying you should do that, but it works for me.The Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch gives you four ways to unlock the door.

My favorite unlock method is via the fingerprint reader. It is very fast and very convenient.You can also use the keypad, a physical key (Eufy includes five keys) or the Eufy Security app on your phone (within Bluetooth range).

The Smart Lock Touch is powered by four AA batteries, and the unlocking methods all require battery power except for the physical key.Because there is no Wi-Fi radio to power, those AA batteries should last up to a year.What happens if you don't have the key and the batteries are dead?

There is a microUSB port on the bottom of the lock (under the key slot). Plug in any external USB phone battery and it will power up the lock so you can open it.To remove your old deadbolt, unscrew the two screws on the inside of the door, remove the inside and outside portions of the lock (they pull away from each other), and then unscrew the two screws on the edge of the door where the bolt moves in and out and pull out the bolt.

Once the deadbolt is removed, you can follow Eufy's instructions to get the new lock installed (the company has a good video in the app).The installation can get tricky if your strike plate (the piece on the door frame) is not lined up with the bolt. If your lock is hard to lock or unlock, you'll need to work on the alignment of your deadbolt to the strike plate.If your lock doesn't turn smoothly, you might need a handyman to reposition the strike plate.

Since this was not my first lock replacement, I was able to get the Smart Lock Touch installed in about five minutes. Once the batteries are in place, a speaker on the lock will ask you to download the Eufy Security app to your phone and pair the lock to the phone via Bluetooth.Once the lock is named, you'll be asked to set a passcode for your user account in the app. Once you set the passcode (four to eight digits), you can set up a fingerprint. You can register multiple fingerprints and the prints are stored in the lock (up to 50 prints total).

Setting up additional users is simple. Each user has to have a unique passcode. Because my wife and I use the same passcode for the door (old habits), I just registered her fingerprints under my username in the app.