Channel your inner Mariah Carey because Teo Heng KTV returns


Following the safe resumption of nightlife businesses like bars, pubs, karaoke establishments and nightclubs, Teo Heng has announced that it is set to resume its karaoke business come April 19. The KTV karaoke chain will start taking reservations for karaoke rooms at four of its outlets: J Cube, The Star Vista, Causeway Point and Suntec City. To get more news about Karaoke CBD Melbourne, you can visit official website.

According to Teo Heng, current bookings are to be made via phone as it is still working out its online reservation system. Based on the price list, a small room for two costs $12/hour while a large room for five costs $16/hour during happy hours from 12pm to 7pm daily.It is important to note that you have to keep your mask on while singing, in groups no larger than 10 pax. Only vaccinated people will be allowed into Teo Heng KTV outlets too.

This was my experience of Boss Karaoke and it was not a smooth pleasant experience like most of karaoke venues.

We were given a room arranged to fit 20 people. My group had 14. The rooms were cramped with a large table that did not fit the room meaning you had to crawl around the couches to get a seat or crawl under the table.

We waited for a good 10 minutes before anyone came in to start the timer for us. We were given 2 hours. In reality we only had 1 hour and 40 minutes because it took the staff 10 minutes to supply us with microphones which we had to ask for as they were not in the room and another 10 minutes for someone to come in and set up the system for us.

I found it stupid and misleading that Boss Karaoke would have a songbook containing songs that they did not have.

My friends had decided to order some food. Instead we were told that they RAN OUT OF FOOD. We were all surprised that a venue would actually run out of food, I have never been to a place where this has happened.

A friend of mine had also accidentally broken a glass, we notified staff of this safety hazard, and it was not tended to for the whole session meaning we had to tediously walk across the room to leave if we wished to go to the bathroom.

And finally for the negatives, Boss Karaoke had allowed strangers to walk into our karaoke room because he was a 'regular'. This person decided to disrupt our company of friends and even order drinks on our tab when we did not want any.